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  • If u ever get bored I can always give u requests still hahahahaha
    But yah by the time I get the 3ds it will be a few weeks away till sun/moon which should be a lot of fun
    And nah I never did join that chat
    I actually ran out of box space, I made a trade with lord fighting recently and got like almost 40 dream ball mons and have enough space just to make a trade with road to get from her and the 4 I need to get with Lord, without bank I'm unable to take on more mons and I'm not getting bank again till I get a new 3ds which won't be till oct. 28th
    I'm online and not afk i just have pokemon in the background while i wait for trade notifications.
    Ready when you are.
    6:02 GMT =7 EDIT: Still online
    6:54 pm GMT-7 EDIT Online still, but I just noticed the shop was closed. I'd ask a lot of questions, but... well I'll leave it alone.
    I added you to my Friendslist but it says that we aren't "friends". Did I never give you my FC? It's 3926-5853-1176.
    No worries! I also see 491 kb with the image link you gave me, so I updated it with that one. Hopefully this one should be fine. xD
    Thanks again, by the way. ^^
    Letting yoiu know now, while i remain online pretty much all day just in case something like this is happening, i might not respond immediately (overwatch matches are a little hard to tear attention away from :\ )
    Okay Fairy, so I got a sig check from Grey Wind, and it turns out the gif size is over the limit. I'm not sure if there's a way you'd be able to decrease the size without losing the quality itself. I can find a different gif that might help, but at the same time, I don't want you to end up going through the struggle of fixing each frame. x_x; (I'm aware of how that goes... the first few times I tried to make an animated gif banner, it was quite tedious.) So um... I'm not sure which would you prefer. ;w;
    Hmmm... well, I don't think it's really that important. But at the same time, I don't want to have you go through something that might seem a bit of a struggle. xD
    So don't worry about it! I know I previously specified it, but I think this one still looks just as fine without the italics. Thank you again, though. :]
    I literally just last week learned how to sign out of discord xD
    but I forget to do it, I just close the window for it and forget about it..
    and yea we got some rain here in texas which brought in a cold front though it's just barely on the chilly side so it's pretty nice outside.
    Yay, thanks for the heads up! (Actually typing this on mobile as we speak, haha.)
    I do have one quick small change, if possible. Can you italicize her name? ^^;
    Would be much appreciated! I love how it turned out overall. <3
    Oh. I am moving to USA next year, wanted to make some inquiries before I actually did. Got about 250-300 days before I do. :)
    Yeah sorry, kinda fell asleep . I can do Wednesday, what would be the best time to get logged in? I am GMT -7
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