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  • Lol I'll take flying gym if that's ok, that type has much more then bug ^_^ I thought bout fire since it's my fave type but I'm fire leader in poke gyms so flying should be fun :D I like bug but not much in what I can use that's near OU level type mons without using same handful of mons
    Hey fairy I was wondering if there was any spots open in tef league? I was wondering if I could switch out as bug leader to something with more of a selection of mons
    I just evolved and got my Exeggutor finally. It knows solar beam 120 damage ^_^

    Off topic, but it's disappointing to see how dead the club section is now.. I made a Dragon Ball Z club like a week ago, and it's already dieing.. I remember the Grass Club. That club was awesome. I really miss the days when serebii was more active. :p
    I have enough candies to evolve another Golduck lol xD I'm hoping to get my Marowak later since I only need 3 more Cubone candies.
    Congrats on Dragonair and Grimer that's awesome ^_^
    I found a Magikarp nest. It's over by the river lol. I hope to have Gyarados soon. Thanks on the Vileplume! It turned out great. I hope you get yours soon :D I can't wait for trading to come out.
    Hehehe, Hello Fairywitch.
    Yeah i do remember and its nice to see your still around actually. I dont think i could forget The Enchanted Gardens honestly lol
    Im doing good, very excited for gen7 though, im basically counting the days untill i can get my hands on the games hehe.
    How are you doing?
    We wish you all the luck you'll need, opponent. May this be a great war with a lot of exciting battles between the two guilds/clans! Be sure to check out the war thread for any info or data you need. And be sure to give us your best shots! (Or else be destroyed in the arena of this war!)

    Best of luck,
    from Legends Untold!
    I've been trying like crazy to find a Squirtle nest lol. Congrats on the new lvl! Every time I take a Gym it gets taken back within minutes..lol. I'll have to go to small towns if I want to take any Gyms. I think I'm going to do the same thing again. I just got so sick of catching Weedles lol :p Yeah, I have to stay up all night lol. I actually like 3rd shift because I hate waking up at 5am for 1st shift, but staying up all night can get hard xD I have to watch movies and play videogames to keep myself awake lol.
    I'm at 94 Oddish candies :p I've been finding Oddish like crazy around here lol. Yeah, that's like me and Blastoise. I feel so far away lol. I only have 6 Dratini candies. It's my night off, and I have to stay up all night to keep my sleep schedule intact since I work 3rd shift, so I've been playing Go all night lol. I'm almost to level 23 finally.
    Haha I actually didn't know the update was finally out until you mentioned it. Haven't played as much lately but hopefully I will more soon. And yes Growlithe will be my partner :) could really use the candies! Who's your partner gonna be?
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