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  • Eevee, may I ask, has anyone in TEG told you that they may be inactive for awhile?
    I'm planning to PM you another list of inactives in a week or two, it looks like it's going to be hetic again, lol.
    I already know Flash and Metal are safe from the list since they are taking breaks.
    That sucks... but i get it. You’ll get no grief from me about it. Sadly i won’t be reapplying, as i can’t promise any regular activity as this time and for the foreseeable future. I’ve wanted to be a more active member in the past but as we both know that’s just not how it worked out.

    However, if i find I’m forming a regular routine for being on the forums, I’ll reapply at that time. There is no other clan I’d rather belong. I want to be clear with you, that I fully respect your decision. One final thing, if it’s alright with you, may I still post in TEG from time to time. I may not be a member but I’d still like to help when i can. I recently helped Zachmac with some pokeshifting and I'd like to still be able to lend a hand in my limited time i spend on the forums. I'll await your reply before posting in the forums again. Thank you; you are a good Clan leader. May The Enchanted Garden forever bloom and flow with talent, creativity and spirit.
    Thanks a lot for the encouragement, Eevee. I really, really appreciate it :) I've never talked to anyone about why I closed my last shop, and I'm glad I got it all out. I don't think he's on Serebii anymore though, so that's good. It's just, to find out someone claimed something you worked really hard on, it really discourages you. And it's worse when someone thinks you're the one who stole it, when you're the one that actually made it! I've seen a lot of cases like that and it's honestly disappointing.
    They're all pretty active people.

    So how's my request going?

    Edit: I need to be added to Kingdra Rank. Yellow finally tested me ^^
    I did quit, but I put the post on xat. I'm still kinda new to the clan thing, but if I had to post it there, I will.
    Ouch...Yeah I'll probably work something out with Myrrh for the shop donations. Does he keep all of them?
    Thanks Eevee :).

    Don't forget about the shiny flawless manaphy. Also, the shiny flawless latias I'm getting for Bictac...he should be giving you a copy eventually for TEG.

    I have a few other flawless shinies too I've collected. One being the black event rayquaza :). Same with a 31/30/30/31/31/31 HP 70 Ice Event raikou with weatherball. Also have an HP 70 Fire Latios from Lava, it's shiny. Let me know if TEG is interested in these.
    Hi Eevee :).

    I'm looking for DW Lugia and Ho-oh, but I haven't figured out the natures and stuff yet.
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