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  • I actually realized that a little after I VM'd trident, since our banner's an example in your shop and all xD

    I believe I knew about your gender, By any chance did you run a shop for eevees from around the world? that was one of the first shops I started trading in c:

    Anyways, In your shop it says you're closed, but the fact that you VM'd me makes me feel like that might have changed?
    Alright i put the TEG request in my shop. Please check it out and tell me if it is ok. And if you would like some kind of form for them to fill out or something.
    Thanks for all the tips! And yeah, I guess I have to be more assertive about the rules but at the same time not be so harsh about it. I actually just wanted to permaban the guy that stole my work, but when I thought about it, he could just easily make another account and request again. That's why I ended up closing it anyway. But maybe I'll make another one, when I'm less busy. Maybe over the summer. I can sorta make gif banners now, so maybe I'll add it in my shop ^_^
    I agree, it's not a competition at all. It doesn't matter whether you have the highest post count or whatever. The purpose of making a shop in the first place is to help others, not to gain popularity. I used to own a shop too, 3 shops actually, but I closed all of them. The first shop I made was a failure, so I closed it. The second I closed because I was busy with schoolwork and I had no time to do requests. And the third I closed because apparently there was someone who was making his own shop using the stuff I make for him. I'm thinking of making a new one but I'm worried the same thing will happen again... ;A;
    Okay, I would really like a shiny Emolga then, if it's no trouble. And thanks! I saw that banner, and I really liked it. Can I have the link to your shop though? It's not on the forums. ;-;
    If you don't mind could you reserve a spot for me if possible?(I understand if no,)I'd like to make a request but I'm scared that there won't be any space by the time I get back on.
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