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  • I am on Willie's server so yes I ahve an account. However your link takes me to empty screen.
    You can login from the website with an account and it will act just like the downloaded version, or you can download it to run as a program. There's also an app for it that actually works unlike xat, but the mod commands don't work on mobile. There's bots to bypass it but they're working on updating it still, it's only in beta lol. https://discordapp.com/ that should let you just register and use it in a browser
    Yeah I'll need all the help I can get. I'm pretty lucky though since my major is in high demand nowadays. And we ditched xat after that whole server crash thing awhile back. There's only a minor complaint or two with discord still but the transition has been fantastic and it's working so much better, and based on the developer posts my issues should be solved relatively soon. If you guys ever need help with it though let me know, idk how yours is setup though lol. I still learn some stuff about it every few days. I think some of the guilds had switched to skype after that but ehhhhh skype gets me feeling sketchy sometimes lol. A member accidentally ties their cell number to their username and things go downhill lol
    Yeah I really like discord. I can help set it up for you, or you can look at what ours (currently) is like, though I'm not doing much more with it until i finish redoing our ranks and what not. And that sucks. I was able to pay off the first year but I started dipping into heavy loan territory last year and this year my tuition is up 10k so I'm leaning even more on it lol. But I should graduate a semester early to lessen the blow.
    Edit: Going for mechanical engineering. I have a tendency to only answer half the questions as my grades sometimes show lol
    heya! Pretty good, just started my junior year in college, transferred to the main campus and living on campus now so it's been a little crazy now but our discord server is going pretty strong still.
    I thought I'd stop by and see how the forums have changed. I can't believe I've been gone for over a year, I didn't think it was that long! How have you been?

    EDIT: Also where did all the XATs go?
    Haha! No, no. I didn't undergo a hurricane XD

    I was actually alluding to the meltdown that occurred here on the forums after Ash lost the League. Hurricane "Ashlost" ;)
    Not much happening on my end either until school starts again. Been spending a lot of time on serebii lately, especially on Thursday when Hurricane Ashlost hit.
    That's cool! :D You could end up getting Dragonair and Dragonite if there's a Dratini nest near you. I've caught two Dratini's so far. I've noticed a lot of Dragonites on gyms around here. Thank you! I hope to catch more Pikachu, so I can get Raichu! :)
    Oh, I've heard of Culvers! I've noticed Pokemon nests in certain areas as well. Over at the State Capital there's a Magmar nest, and over by the Grand River Lapras and Blastoise spawn. Unfortunately I'm never there when they show up lol.
    I am gunna go for a bit guys so if any message left I will get back to you but if I don't tonight I will tommorow ^_^
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