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  • Yay. I guess I'll post to let everyone know to message me their points.
    And how many Shop points should people get for winning battles, like 10?
    Okay, so I guess on Saturdays/Sundays then. So we can request when closed? Cool, how nice.

    Well, I just stopped it.
    After my PC crashed, and I lost everything.....even the banners for it. T_T
    Since I don't think you are that busy right now I'll ask you now. How do you want me to report points to you? Should I PM you all of them like once a week or something?
    haha, I remember when I still had a shop open and it took me about 3-5 days to clear my waiting list xD
    I'm so slow when it comes to requests, but I try to make everything look good . . .
    I bet T.E.Garden's been getting a lot of popularity lately because of the shop :p
    hey man! could I ask you a favor? I'm in a new game but I usually take my pokemon to the judge in nimbassa city... however he's not there 'till I end the league... :( Could I pass my pokemon to your game and then you would check their potencial? Then, you traded them back and tell me the results: decent, overall, superior. I can't give you much right now but I can give one of my legendaries when I finish the league ^_^
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