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  • I had the 4th off, I went away for 5 days and actually came back on the 4th lol. :p I've been playing Pokemon Go a lot. ^_^
    Ah lol, well I wouldn't have minded actually. Hmm maybe if you feel up to it and if you have the time, do you think you could try and see how it looks like with the rock cropped out?

    I don't know if you intended on doing that, but I like the dark-to-light background transition; goes well with the text.
    Thank you once again for your work! I really appreciate it.

    EDIT: Ah yeah, I noticed the rock when I requested that image. Was it not possible to crop out the rock?
    Hi, I added you and I'll be online for the next 2 hours and checking the forums after that, maybe we can trade if you are available
    You're talking about the trade shop right? If so then yes you can post updates. I haven't updated those rules in a good while and the spirit of the rule is more about only people who actually work in the shops posting updates to bump the thread. If that makes any sense
    Actually I got extremely annoyed with people on GTS when they were asking for Events, Legends or Shiny for Vivillons.
    I decided that was unfair!
    I decided to make as easy as possible to complete collections.

    I have a 6IV Ditto.
    I don't enjoy competitive breeding but if you only want I or 2 I'm willing.
    And more Electric types! The Electric Fairy looks badass, and at first glance, could've sworn it was Fighting type.
    I see Sun and Moon as the Black and White of the 3DS, so this may actually be a great thing in terms of no. of new Pokemon and the amazing plot BW had to offer.
    I didn't get Go, and I don't plan on doing so until all these supposed bugs I keep hearing about get patched.
    Read an article that somewhere in Australia, the app took someone to a police station. lol
    I'm doing well myself.
    Doing much Gen 7 speculation? I'm hyped for it, but it isn't like with Gen VI when I was going on a posting frenzy, haha.
    My apologies, miss spoke.
    I'll edit the post.

    I have 17 games each set for different regions. The only pattern I don't have native is Garden.
    I have about 30 Garden that have been traded to me that I can trade to someone else.

    I'm more than happy to trade you any pattern your looking for.
    Oh, this is fantastic! I just type, Brushes in google. I know, I can now type in the name of the brushes and download them! Brilliant, you're brilliant!!
    And, Skarm has improved a lot! I remember his art work too. :)
    No i was meant to sort that out but forgot i will ask someone to add me when 7th gen is out as i doubt i be on it much at this moment
    Well thanks anyway, yeah as much as i like to get a war going we just don't have the members to war with but i am sure once 7gen is out everyone will be active again.
    Oh...I was expecting you to just throw it across space. :p Yes, but, I am unable to find any good brushes or I do not know which one's to use. >.<
    Hello, Fairy.

    It's been forever and a day since I last dropped in. Thought I'd say say 'hi'.
    So, hi! :D
    That's awesome! I bet it feels great to get photoshop back and your art shop is open again. :D Did you have a good 4th of July?
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