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  • nice!! i might try to find someone that could help me get the shiny charm in As, but if not then perhaps in moon
    That's great news. On another note, since I'm not a Gym Leader in PokeGyms atm, I thought I would ask to help out at the Grass Gym whenever you are in need of an apprentice.
    ah and grats on the shiny charm! I got like 1st-3rd gen done but never could finish getting the dex completed, and with people asking for legendaries you can't trade for things I just didn't try to complete it on my own. always wanted to have the shiny charm but oh well >.< oval charm works well too xD
    nice! if you need any help let me know :3
    I have ha cradily and a few neat things, not much but a few.
    I understand the appeal of smogon, since you can have anything/everything thats legal at the click of a button, but battling with the games is so much more satisfying to me. I'm working on my steel team but kind of waiting to see what happens with some of the other types, got really lucky and got a good HA zapdos that I'm wanting to use but I can't come up with a good team to utilize it for steel. I just love electric/flying for a typing though, emolga makes me cry and rotom-fan is........eh
    yea xy got me into competitive and that lasted a while, started to dwindle a bit before ORAS but new megas helped refresh my interest but not long lasting. I think gen 7/sun&moon will work like gen 6 and keep me pumped for another year if not longer probably. It's shaping up already to be a great game.
    splatoon and other games just really made staying with pokemon tough. Though since after this fall semester I'll be done with community college and out on my own so probably won't really have time or money for too many games >.<
    yea corrosion will hurt stall, komala's comatose will help stall, dazzling on bruxish may really hurt priority moves depending on stats. Can't wait to see how the meta is shook up ^w^
    The league will probably see a big influx once sun&moon are out. Heck I'm so excited for them both! :3
    already have some new type combinations/abilities revealed and I'm just so happy for that. Especially since they could really shake up the competitive scene.
    hopefully we see some more activity before then though ^w^ I'm still working on my team, I though up an interesting team make up that I'm trying to iron out/explore so that's why its taken me so long, well that and not having a router for a long time ^^''
    sorry if this is out of the blue, just saw your post on the league and thought I'd comment on it through vms instead of there.
    i make my bf go running!
    its ok just wanna keep the convo private so spies dont reveal our plans is all
    >w< ik lol, glad you're back now :D!

    and that or whatever style, giving you free reign over most of it pretty much :3

    how are you?
    Yes, anyway, I can download from your thumb drive? I'm worried about credits. >.<

    Also, did you try Go?
    Oh, I see. I'm trying to MM for a Shiny Chansey. At 250Eggs. :)

    Fantastic. Can you somehow upload the brushes and everything that you downloaded from other places for me to download?
    Well I think it should be fine then. I'll go ahead and fill out an appropriate form.
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