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  • So since my current banner is 350 X 197, I can theoretically request for another image/banner that's up to 250 X 223 (or in my case, I'd have equal height values) since the limit is 600 x 420?

    EDIT: Sorry, just realized that was literally the same question I asked you. Basically, I'm asking if you could make me a banner if you have the time and availability.
    For example, if I had a banner of similar dimensions to the one I currently have, but I placed that on the right, and this on the left, you are saying the heights and widths would add up (even though they'll technically be along a similar 'line')?
    pffffffft how could you forget? ;P
    (I completely forgot xDDDDDDDD but thankfully I still had all our pms phew~ )

    I wanted similar to this
    the breeder surrounded by the pokes, you have freedom over background, colors, etc. I like when artists have freedom and most importantly have fun! :3

    I also edited the form to be more concise/easier for you. changed some of the pics/mons too though I did the mons/pics yesterday but anywho >.<
    Thanks for telling A-P.

    So it within the rules to have two banners in your sig (for example, one on the left and one the right) as long as each banner falls within the size requirement, or does both add up?
    First I gotta get this pesky stubborn dialga! Then I can move my hunter 'mons over to OR to hunt me a reshi ^^
    500 KB? Dang... Thanks for pointing that out, I will make a new version of the banner Maldread requested. :)
    Thanks for the kind words. :D The thing is, I'm always unsure of the credit and licensing issues that crop up with using fan-art. So I have to stick to sprites and official art.
    I got GIMP from gimp.org, but I have a Mac so I got it from here. I clicked on "Download GIMP directly" because it's better that way, but I'm not sure how it works for Windows. ^^;
    And I've gotten way better at the craft, too, so that should be fun fun. We're revivin' the art shop forums!
    Thanks I'll let u know :) it's a real pain to clone that way anyway lol
    Also dunno if u saw in ur form has some stuff listed twice :p
    Well, I have a shiny charm, what I do not have is luck, for sure! :p Woah! And was it of the nature and IVs you wanted?
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