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  • Thanks I actually just clone what I have saves time and with some mons being 12.5 or 25% female can take awhile, and some have egg moves on them and while in day care removes egg moves
    Nice, nice. It'll be good to see the Art Shops section with more than one shop. I'm considering reopening Silver Souls tbh...
    Right, finally, we can have one fantastic artist make a comeback! :D

    And, yea, that is understandable.

    Can you tell me what was the maximum eggs you've hatched this gen to get a 5IV shiny Pokemon?
    Right, yes. I've had horrible time picking colors and font face. >.< I shall look into what you said and make a few more banners. Will you review them for me? I am also asking PI for help, who seems to be very helpful as well. :D
    Hello, Fairy, if you're going to rate Bleu's art then please rate mine as well! xD

    Ahh, I see. I understand the feeling though. Are you gonna completely open up your shop once your Photoshop problems have been fixed?
    Hello, Goddess of Art, I worship Thee. Please by kind and review my banner and...I don't know? Can you shower art? Yes, I think, yes! Shower it with your immense knowledge. :p

    I'm not competitive. I just like having 'mons that can kick opponent arse XD;;;;; Good luck on your fire-hawk ^_^
    np glad to see around here again :)

    I've been about the same really, except I work 6 or 7 days a week now so I'm not on quite as much.
    Oooh, dang. Yeah, we have a lost copy of photoshop as well, my dad was furious, so I understand. Do you have a way to reinstall it?
    I've wanted shiny reshi since Gen V. Was so disappointed to learn about the lock on it. XP I tried hunting shiny fletchinder in the friend safari but it would not cooperate... tried hatching it and the 6th egg was shiny. Poor stats and no HA, though
    Yes, well, but, look at your eeveelover banner with Kindra and other Pokemon. I cannot do that kind of background as of yet. All I know is the Render->cloud effect. So, that is what I use for all my banners. :|

    And, while your banners did look basic, you still had a fantastic command over the brush. I cannot design properly with brushes, my hands do not move in a certain way, like how an artists hand move. My overall drawing is horrible. :p

    So, I will consider your offer and join your shop, but, not already. Maybe after a few weeks. I'm still not confident enough.
    It still looks nice ^_^ u even have some cool bank ball mons :)
    I'll post saying your section is below to check it out when I wake up, I'd like to change shop name if possible to represent you somehow that way ppl know that's it's there rather then just assume it's just me and what I have, I thought about moving my shiny section to 3rd post so it's a lot easier for ppl to see right away that your there

    Also if u like u can offer any bank ball that I have to your section, that way if someone wants a specific ball and u don't have it I'm happy to provide the female parent with the specific ball, since I only breed when I'm gonna MM something
    Ah, yes. I believe PS is easier and has more options to GIMP as well. And, don't worry. I'll find the tutorials. I've been getting various tutorials on PS. It's good to see though most of the artists on SPPF helping out a newbie like me. :D And, I'm sure you'll be getting it soon. :D
    Yes, because, I was told by Bakphoon that everyone here uses a website to make them.
    I have never used GIMP. I have PSCS6 so, I'm fine with it. ^__^

    Eh, I would gladly take the offer, but, I do not think I'm anywhere near a shop level. :|
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