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  • Thanks ^_^

    Shinies have been coming slowly, since I've mainly been SRing the legends in ORAS. The ones that have come faster were a deliberate magikarp and an unexpected electrike in OR (I'm running it to get access to the version exclusive legends... I want my gold reshiram!). During May I think I only got one shiny, maybe two at most.
    Ok have fun with your game! :)
    I just messaged Arch and will let u know when it's all set I asked Arch to have u in the 2nd post on front page, I'll prolly change shop name once ur there maybe adding breeding to the title or anything u may like
    Sure I'd be happy if u joined me your my friend always!
    I'm not sure u posted I can't remember lol u might have I've had the shop since x/y were first released
    Prolly should change name of shop could help since some ppl don't scroll down past first post
    And I might have to make another shop once sun/moon are out that's what I had to do for x/y was told by a mod be better to do that then transfer the old one be cool if u join me come then as well assuming I had to make a whole new one
    Yah I still have it, I been adding mostly bank ball mons to it, shop doesn't look flashy or anything like that just has the cool banner I got from u :D
    There's plenty of space for u, when I made the shop I put a few spots if I ever added anything else
    Yes, well, I do not have any extensive knowledge about color mixing and things. >.<

    I did find a website that helps you make userbars, Do you make userbars from scratch on PS?

    And, take care. :)
    Yes, indeed, I made it. And, I now remember starting with blue color and using the cloud render effect on PS. I, then, towards the end added color adjustment layer and somehow everything became Pink. :p And, honestly, my color and font selections are way off track, I do not have a habit of that. Although, I feel with practice, I'll be able to get those right. I found Avenger Angel's Tutorial, Skarm sent it to me. :D
    Haha yah he's a cool mon to have, and I just like having access to every possible safari in case I need anything, I just need smearglerocks to sign on and it will be fixed
    I would have gotten that one as well but I'm so used to the XL I have I'm hoping they have a special 3ds for sun/moon
    I don't think it matters what game ur on as long as you sign on :)
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