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  • Yeah, up until yesterday I hadn't even logged in since early May. I felt a little guilty because I had a few messages that people had to wait a month and a half for a response. I haven't even played a Pokemon game in a long time to be truthful. I was considering doing a HG/SS run (it's actually the only set of games that I haven't played out of all of them), but I just haven't had the time/motivation. YuGiOh is just overrunning me lately, and I'm kind of relieved it'll be over in a week, but at the same time the excitement is nice.
    My life's been going pretty good the past few weeks haha. Topped my locals yesterday so I'm pretty inspired/hyped for nationals next week. My life has basically revolved around it for the past month since school got out haha. As for Photoshop I really haven't had too much time to play with it recently, but I'll have a hell of a lot more free time once nationals is over so I'll probably get back into it. How're you doing these days?
    Nice talking to you again as well! ^~^ And it's great to be back on Serebii in general and in the competitive guild section! I remember being 14 or 15 back in the days, lol. I'm turning 20 in July this year, lol. ^-^
    I've got the very same problem with my PC, it broke so I lost PhotoShop as well. And I don't remember how I kinda got it.. I remember helping you with getting PhotoShop, though. Haha. Anyway, it's great talking with you again. I made a guild now too by the way. *^*
    ok cool dj did explain it too me just need to get use too it a bit but i think ma ready to be active again my exams are down so i should be able to play more now (mostly atlantic time at night)
    so the next gym i see i wanna test it out thks for info btw
    No, no. Don;t stress yourself much. Its really fine.

    Is there any other place than SPPF where I can find you if you ever run away again?
    Yah sure I will be on, I have tomorrow off from work :) would it be possible also for u to change name back to Lugia ;)
    That's awesome be cool to see your cosplay I always like looking at how cool ppl can make them, besides Pokemon am a big anime fan
    Also hope u decide to come on more I miss havin u around my shiny buddy :D
    Well, see, the thing is, among the art shop there were three shops that I found great. Yours came on top followed by SM and Shadow, Now that all 3 of you guys have left, I kinda feel helpless. And well, I'm sure enough your banners would be as fantastic as ever. I mean, it you! How could you even make bad banners? You've made the most fantastic banners ever. Just so you know, I've saved most of your work regardless of who it was done for in my PC just as a collection. :p
    It's ok it happens I tend to feel that way at times as well, I been on a bit more lately with all the news we have from the news games am looking forward to them
    Am free when u are to clone her :)
    Oh, fairy, You're alive! Yay! :D Nah, don;t worry about the art, if you're busy I won't bother it. Its great to see you back. And, like I've said before, I'd wait ages for your art seeing how beautiful it is. I just started the Hoenn club over again and wanted a banner although, one of the members did a fantastic work at it. So, art is not an issue right now.

    Other than that, How's life? What have you been busy with? Well, about the heating thing, you could buy a cooling pad, I don't think it will cost more than $5-8 It helps PC remain cool. Other than that, its good to hear from you!
    hi fairy am one someone challenging your Eternian Forces League am kinda not following the rules and have been out of the loop for over 6months so am just wondering exactly whats so different about the rules and if i have to start over my league challenge again?
    Psst... Fairy, have you been keeping up with Sailor Moon Crystal recently? owo
    I recently started watching the third season, and it's starting off great so far! >w<;
    (I'm hoping it'll be a lot better compare to the first two seasons, imo.)

    I know Mercury is your favorite. :v Figured to leave this aqua mirage comparison here, haha.
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