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  • Everyone's been busy lately, just so much stuff needed to get done. At least everything doesn't have a time frame though, so you work on the timed things first, and move on to the rest after that's all finished up.
    First Gen 7 Pokemon is part Fairy-type, and of course is mythical. Needs more Ground-typing added to it.
    Nice...I did the game when I picked up my Pikachu 3ds XL a long time ago. I can't get that 3ds anymore sadly, I have to pay more than $200 if I want it now, which is quite a shame because the plates look nice, though I think you can just buy the plates off Ebay, and goodness you are right. It's not like the fates system is bad it's just the plates look so plain and boring for me...
    What kind of musicdo you listen to?? and what's the costume for? I've never played that, not even sure what kind of game it is :$
    They recently changed the way the banlist works so that there's no set release date, they just do it whenever they feel it's necessary. It's complete bull, but whatever.
    Oh geez, another one with the wrong ability! It has to suck how you keep getting these in lower egg hatches, but you never get the right ability. Hopefully this time you get the right ability. I'm still thinking about who I'll go after. I'll most likely do another DexNav hunt. Lately my DexNav hunts have been going in the 700's. For DexNaving that's a lot of encounters. Definitely bad luck for me lately, but at least in the end I get a shiny everytime. :p That Pinser had it's hidden ability Moxie so I was super happy about that too!
    Yes, I did. I was expecting to see you too, but well, not that lucky. Anyway, breeding, as it comes isn't my forte. I'm too slow/lazy. I'm still doing it. but very, very slowly.
    Aww that sucks. I'm still pretty into it; I have to start looking for a deck to take to nationals since Monarchs are going to get hit on the next banlist for sure. Even almost a week after, I'm still amazed I top 32'ed the regional. I wasn't even expecting to get my invite, let alone top 32. My mood has been so good lately haha
    Lucky! Well if you want one of those 20th anniversary 3ds's you have to pay $100 dollars more. Ouch...looks like i'll just be getting a regular New Nintendo 3ds. I hope you can get the plates separately...

    You get both Red and Blue? I thought it only gave out one game, that's awesome!
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