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  • I haven't had a fast hatch like that since my Pokemon Soul Silver days!!! I just updated the shiny thread with my Pinsir catch! I meant to post it last week, but I was way too busy being away on that trip. I'm still trying to decide who I'll go after next. :p

    I wasn't on Serebii when it was open unfortunately :3

    Ahhh, ok. Still. Lookin' at the opening page, I really like it :) Did you write the bit of fairy magic, water and nature? <3

    Yeah, that has been said by a lot of people here. Hopefully when Sun and Moon come out this place really picks up! :)

    Is you're art shop open? I was referred to it like months ago. But you're laptop was busted :3
    Ahhhh. I remember back in XY not havin' a Hyper Voicin' Sylveon :/

    It's now on pretty much every team that I have :3 heh.

    Heh, thanks! I wondered what TEG was, so I googled it and found you're old guild. The artwork is stunning! I mean TEF's is amazing too, but I really love the way you merged Suicune/Xerneas and Virizion together <3

    Fantastic art style! :)
    Really want a blue Sylveon, but don't think I could cope with non HA :/ loooool

    Heh! Welp i'll follow that CCAT closely, if that's ok? :)
    Ahhhh. That only bad thing about MM'ing. The random chance with abilities. Scared to MM stuff like Milotic/Serperior lol.

    Best of luck :)

    Also, niceee that your guild's CCAT is based around mega Garde <3
    No, it's okay; ironically, Spring Break's gonna be twice as busy for me; lifeguard training from 9:00 AM to 5:00PM.
    Heh. I've got to change my settings lol.

    Fairy is just win <3 I adore Diancie/Sylveon/Mega Garde and all the fairy types <3

    Gonna MM as many fairies as I can. After Ferro :p

    Shaymin too huh? ^^

    Are you MM'ing anything? Checked out your YouTube channel! Love your shinies :)
    Well beat e4 again, used dragonite for maybe 2 pokemon.. mew for almost all XD
    The current team is

    Lv52 Mew
    Lv47 Nidoking
    Lv47 Primeape
    Lv47 Charizard
    Lv55 Dragonite
    Lv70 Mewtwo who I just blew up for no reason and to replace pikachu temporarily XD
    Hello. Yes, it's been a while. I had college, final year, had to focus. Now, I'm free at least for 6 months. Planning on starting to breed, but I do not know where to start from. :p
    Whoaaaa! 25 eggs is crazy fast luck! That sucks about the ability though, but hey at least it's a shiny. :) That would be awesome if you found another with the correct ability.
    Yay, its a dragonite now.... meh so much training and it doesn't feel worth it, doing e4 again but with mewtwo and it has self destruct so it can't earn exp XD
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