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  • I did just search for My Nomekop Adventures. I kinda messed up on the poll thing. I plan to put Dawn in the fic but I need to know if a lot of people want Paul or Kenny to be her boyfriend. I'm working on the second chapter right now. I know I'm a bit slow but peeps keep taking the computer from me so I barely have any time to finish it. Oh ya, please tell other people about my fic. I really want to write more chapters but I can't double post and barely anyone goes to my fic T-T. So ya. Thanks and Hi back at ya!
    I hate to burst your bubble, really I do. But I'm not hyuugafan ^^;;; The account belongs to Uza-chan, I just borrowed it for a little to make the IP2 trailer. All of the other videos and the account itself is her's. So... *points you to Uzamaki Hinata*
    Hi and my fave couples are Ikarishipping (Dawn and Paul) , Pokeshipping (Ash and Misty), and my #1 poke couple fave, CONTESTSHIPPING! (May and Drew (They're sooo cute ^^!) ) Please visit my contestshipping website and if u read my first chapter of my first fanfic, Thanks and I'll try to put another one here too! ^^
    Of course you can be my friend. I have 2 websites but my other one sucks so I just mentioned my contestshipping site and I'm making sure it's good. I'm trying to finish da fanfic I'm writing there. I'm in chapter 2 right now. So ya. Thanks 4 being my friend! Hope we become good ones.
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