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  • It's probably because she's been on the forums for so long. SPPF only started in January of the year she joined, and it's uncommon to find users that have joined in that year still posting now.

    Though I gotta be frank, it's amazing how she managed to escape the Misty fantards' wrath. Just by blooking them!
    Well, with like and not like, I meant the fanfic, you said you read it and thought it was cool...

    They don't just look hand drawn, they are hand drawn. I don't like digital art. I prefer using a piece of paper and a drawing pencil, and using coloring pencils for coloring.

    Sorry... You aren't a fan of Misty and aren't a PokeShipper. Do you hate Misty and PokeShippers or are you neutral about that?
    Thank you so much! What did you like the most about it? What did you not like?

    No, I can't and I have little to no understanding of any drawing modification and stuff... I just draw and don't want to modify my art on a computer...
    It's nice to find someone else here who shares my sentiments on the Misty fans. Their main problem is that they think that they're the only fans on the forums themselves, when really a good majority of us are m'kay with her but just don't go to their lengths about how she's the best, like what you were saying with Casey there.
    Ofcourse not. It's just that I don't find that she should be said she's better than Trip or the other rivals of Ash jsut because she's a game character. If she wasn't than the people over in the spoiler section wouldn't be having the confidence in her. Her battling is wa below the others combined and yet people still treat her as though she can walk on water. Geez. I know I said I liked Trip but Bianca being better than him in everything is not true as though some have been saying.
    They had stopped that non sense a long time ago. But this was all before Pokemon fan started to spam every single thing I said that didn't sit right with him about Misty in general. I'm happy that was over. Because it was killing me.
    Hey, I'm a big Ash fan too. I'll put that up instead of that other crap. There's no point in arguing.
    Oh, this all originally comes back to me. I didn't know I was getting so popular. But thanks for the support.
    I know right! I don't have permission to have one. And I've been here for years. Is that why how you made that signature sentence like hers?
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