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  • ah I can get you two of the ones you need, one to receive Politoed and one to get it back to you. Omanyte I have, I'm just lazy to evolve it xD
    Pick two from Hypno Exeggcutor Cubone Jynx then and we trade.
    uhn I have the last 4.

    Do you have NidoranF (no evos), Wailmer, Corsola or Whismur?
    if not, then you can replace any with... Sunkern, Wynaut, Ralts, Taillow, Politoed, Spinarak, Kabutops, Omastar (omg my dex fails xD)
    I'm not in the S.E anymore and I don't have that Chinchou sorry.

    Maybe go ask BaldWombat? He should have the shop pokes.
    Your not so bad yourself. ;)

    Ah, so it was a test team. That explains why it was crammed full of common threats. xD

    Again sorry about the hax.
    Hopefully those two newbs "as in new to the club" join, then I might must Kurosaki_klan's online when he gets Plat and there's another participant. If it all works out then we'll have 8 people, but with my luck it wont. lol
    was that DC you? it doesnt really matter anyways, i seen enough to rank you. Check the SE thread for my match report and what rank youll be given
    Hello, I'm not sure if this message is neccesary. You are a participant in the Water Cup, hosted at the SSBB club. I am currently trying to get this going again so I would appreciate it if you get your match done if possible. Please VM me if you have questions.

    The SSBB may also start hosting contests like snapshot contests and whatnot.
    Hum, there's a thread like this in the battle forum. about the changes in competitive battling. there people have been discussing about loads of competitive stuff.
    i played DarkLatios777 from youtube yesterday and IC were the only thing that could take out his beastly Olimar. I don't think you need to practice with MK anymore it was beastly.
    i kinda noticed that you started screwing up, but you have an awesome metaknight. that was the first thing my ice climbers have faced that came that close to winning. I noticed that when I picked him when you were using lucario at the beginning you were having a bit of trouble. Was that the first ice climbers you've faced?
    nice matches just to warn you ice climbers can't be chain grabbed. For the next time we fight if you use falco.
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