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  • haha, I know. ^.^ I'm loving it.
    Also, we got 2 more people in the tournament (Not counting you). So if we get one more, I suppose we can start it.
    Yup I am. I can't play right now, but I am free most of tomorrow. What time are you able to play and please give your timezone. Mine is GMT -5 or the US eastern shore.
    Look at the most recent page of the club. I'll update the tournament post with that info after I get my allergy shots.
    But it's not spanish, it's portuguese ;D
    we're both from brazil so we're just chatting in our native language =P
    I saw ur post at Volteon´s page
    And it´s not spanish
    We´re Brazilian, so we talk Portuguese
    Not Spanish
    Most people think we talk Spanish
    So, u´re not the 1st
    It´s really hard
    But good at the same time

    But thw wifi ones that arrives get me down

    Gonna sleep
    Late here
    So, any smash new?

    I´ve been trying with my brother to beat the record of Target smash
    But it´s so hard!!
    Here you go!
    no, number 1 I'm not back to pokemon yet, number 2 I'm still into brawl, number 3 I'm still into Halo, thats finally, there are many people here you can battle, It can't always be me you have to understand that.
    o, thats why, o well, anyways I still don't feel like making a team at any rate, you better think of something good for the trade then because its pain to just erase a game just for one pokemon.
    Why can't you trade me, by the way I still can't migrate, I have to postpone it until 8:00clock, I have to do something online now.
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