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  • Ok
    My DS is already connecting to the internet
    So, I think the Wii is as well

    Ok, so til taler

    Are u in a class gap? Or anything like that?
    man, they´re waiting for 32 people to join
    And the matches are gonna be randomnized again
    So, I think we wont match up

    But we can brawl 4 fun
    Hey, man
    I wont be able to get on 2day

    I´ll have to study cuz I got tests 2morrow
    So, 2morrow we talk, 4 us to brawl, ok?
    I´ll try to get on
    My father said he was gonna buy the wifi router 2day
    So, if we´re lucky, it´ll be here by this time

    I´ll be back from school at 8:00PM
    For me it´s 11:22AM now
    Hey. Would you mind sending the name displayed on the Brawl friend roster, and the name over your head when you play? I'm trying to flesh out the tournament listings and make it so there's no confusion when more than one person whose name you don't know is online. Next step is rules, but I need to discuss a few things with IcyDragon first.
    No, the tourney was postponed until they have 32 people
    And the matches will be randomnized again
    So, we can be matched up again or not
    Vut if u wanna brawl anyday, just for fun
    We can do it
    Wont u be able to get on 2day?
    Well, ok
    the router hasnt worked
    and I was gonna use my old one, but if we do this it´s possible that the battle´d be really slow
    Do u mind it?
    Or do u wanna wait for the new one?

    If the new one dont arrive til the last day, we use it
    Huh, advertising, double posting and bumping old topics, you're breaking three rules.
    The club was dead, everyone who was a member from there is already gone and it was only about Emerald Frontier, we tried upgrade it to DP's but didn't work so just leve it the way it is =(
    U should try it´s a good training

    I´m lazy on event thing
    The last one on hard

    Man, I gotta sleep
    Here´s almosr 1:00am
    Good night
    hope 2morrow it will already work
    i could defeat it until Very Hard with Mario
    But at intense´s so hard!!!
    I could get at 8

    do u have all of urs challenges done?
    I love the story mode

    I have a friend that lives near that plays a lot
    So, I play more the Brawl multiplayer with him
    Cuz I´m tired to play with my brother

    I´m still trying to beat the bosses
    But I got problems with them
    think it´s cuz they´re big
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