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  • Hi again :)
    I'm curious. Could you please tell me what Pokémon I got in my Friend Safari?
    same but i got all the starters now :p but if you have white/white 2 maybe we can trade version exclusives?
    alright i can do it now just tell me when you're online and we can add each others friend codes
    for right now just add my friend code and when we're both online we'll do the trade 0176-2128-4002 if a name is needed- anng
    i still need the 3ds i was hoping i could get it for my birthday but now i gotta get a job so i can buy it and pre order X and Y i'm hopeing atleast before the end of july i'll vm you when its time
    and if you have an extra light orb please do send that with the pokemon if not it's fine
    alright i won't be able to trade until i get y 3ds but that should be soon since i hope to get it for my birthday which is soon will message you then, thanks once more
    yes i like the staters the most so i tend to want them teh most, i do already have a baby oshawott though so i won't need that, thanks again
    egg would be fine, i'll notify you when i have a 3ds so i can use my wifi,eggs would be fine anything you need in return or since you have em all it can just be some random pokemon? oh and a pichu to if you can
    i see you have completed the national dex from your sig, anyway that in black 2 ( when i have the 3ds so i can use my own internet connection it's wpa) would you be willing to trade over starters? ( through ditto breading if you must) to me?
    No worries! I'm pretty sure I have one from the game too. Thank you for all of the trades, you helped me out a lot! I may need some help with trade evolution sometime in the future so I will keep you in my Pal Pad :) Thank you again and good night!
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