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  • Hi, could you add me, I know a lot of people have asked you for the ditto safari, but I REALLY want one. If you could stay online for a while, that would be nice because I REALLY want a ditto. my friend code is 2766-9246-2824
    Hi there! Would be great if you could add me, I would like to have some dittos for breeding.
    My friend code is 0533-4937-5306. My safari is electric type, currently only knows it got pikachu.
    Hey man, can you add me please, I don't have anything you're after, but I'd love to have a ditto safari.
    Friend Code: 0705-3383-2251
    Pokemon in my Safari: Psychic - Girafarig, Sigilyph, Grumpig
    Hi, sorry but this message is to ask about a problem that you post a few months.
    I'd like to know if someone solve your problem about get miki to the white forest.
    I have the same problem but i don't know the solution.
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