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  • Eh FallBird ! I have a question for you. You see, on your signature, there is the sprites of walking Gen V Pokémon (like Pokémon in HeartGold). How did you get them ? Did you made them by yourself ?
    I agree with you on that one. And yeah, I saw, but for some reason my computer won't accept it right now but trust me, I'm trying. x)
    Yeah, I really liked the 4Kids dub! The TPCi dub isn't bad these days: I think it's good, but they really should not have changed everything abruptly in the BF saga (IMO, of course). BTW I sent you a friend request if you want to be friends. :D
    Yeah, I feel the same way! I'm still kind of interested in what happens so I just look over the episode summaries every so often when I'm bored, but it's hard to watch now.
    Hey, I agree with you on the voice actor switch. Really is tough to watch onwards, but I've been trying my best since it happened back in 2006. I loved the original voice actors for the English dub. :)
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