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  • Ha ha, well, I'm really obsessed in case you can't tell. XP (I have a good reason for my obsession though... I think.)

    On Tuesday I'm going to a friend's house and we're going to watch the Nintendo E3 conference live. XD
    So far I just have Pikmin and SSBM. I really want to get Twilight Princess and Wind Waker though. (I think that I've mentioned my recent obsession with Zelda. XD)
    It's really good and admirable that you always want to become even better, but I don't think putting down your accomplishments, merits, talents, and improvements is all that good...but I suppose we have differing opinions on this. ^^;

    And wow, your future college list is very impressive. I want to get into the Veterinary program in Cornell after I graduate because I love animals so much. :D

    And why is having a major a no-no for you?
    From what I've seen from your posts, you're VERY hard on yourself. I mean it's good to want to strive to being better, but you're just going to get stressed out at this pace.

    Aha! So you're aiming for the Ivies! Why exactly and do you have any specific one in mind?
    Heh, I don't mind. I'm going to Binghamton University. Yeah, not too well-known but I'm just glad of getting out of here. :p Lol, I'm no master at the English language. XD I can speak it fluently because they taught English in my old school. Oh, and I was born in NY. :3

    Aw, tht sucks about your junior year. D: Have you thought about retaking your SAT? I had a really horrible Math score (450), and I was still accepted somewhere. XD Don't worry, though. Just put more effort into your senior year and don't give up! Never taken the ACT but my friend, IceKing, had and he did horribly his first time and then pretty much aced it the second time. And B's are not bad grades!!!

    And yeah I know today is tomorrow but I'm feeling rather lazy right now. =P
    Trust me, I will post tomorrow. ^^

    Haha, yeah I was also pretty damn surprised by the popularity of my preview as well. XDDD Hopefully my real fic has that many reviews. :p

    I'm doing realy good actually. I'm finally going to move from Bolivia (where I live) to New York for college. :) I'm hanging out with my friends and just enjoying life, so I'm having a blast.

    How about you? Why are you feeling awkward?
    XDD Yeah, I guess. But I mean its my signature, so when I write a fantasy, some of my purple prose will be back. =) Just not for this fanfiction...it's an OT. My main focus is developing the characters and focusing more on the battles. xD What kind of story is "Tarnished Scars" going to be?
    XDD Yeah, some terms are not related as what you think they may be. You'll hear several references to "Eden in Johto, but for them, its just describing a beautiful garden. I think a lot of people are liking my writing style, though--I posted it at a few other places (the preview) and they say my details are clearer than before. Go me. ^^
    Well, it's a very interesting chapter name, but a rather simple one. "Eden" in Johto refers to a beautiful garden, and basically there's a republic there of crazed grass-type pokemon. ^^
    Sorry it took so long to reply; I replied before but it seems SPPF swallowed it =(

    I'm alright, how're you?

    As for the 'fic, it pretty much died. Maybe I'll write a drastically changed version at some point, but maybe not.
    Here's some of mine for my future chapters:

    Chapter Twelve: Ballad of the Broken Dolls
    Chapter Thirteen: Dreaming in the Dust
    Chatper Fourteen: Nest of the Red Dancer
    Chapter Fifteen: The Mission of Goldenheart
    Chapter Sixteen: Symphony of Corruption
    Chapter Seventeen: Dance of the Daggers
    Chapter Eighteen: Spells of the Insane
    Chapter Nineteen: The Republic of Eden
    Chapter Twenty: Behind the Sleeping Eyes
    Chapter Twenty-One: Phases of the New World

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