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  • You are harrassing me. I just reported you for it.

    If you're going to give be grief for saying very bisexual, I will give you grief about saying bisexual as heck. I believe that is using the same scale you are saying doesn't exist. I'm sorry you feel disrespected, but as a bisexual myself who calles himself very bisexual, I truly don't see the problem. It is no different from saying "I'm so gay." I'm not so sure others would feel disrespected because I am not the only bi in my life, and we all call ourselves very bisexual because we are proud if it.

    If you had come to me cordially, I would have never spoken about you. But I feel attacked and hurt by your comments, and the way I proccess it is by going to friends. (My (bisexual) boyfriend knows too, because I go to him very first.)
    Uh, dude, I am bisexual. Lucas Moncrief has always been written as "very bisexual." Now, I'm not as loud and proud as a bisexual, but I also consider myself very bisexual. So unless you are also bisexual, I don't think you get to tell me how to describe my bisexual babes. Thanks.
    He's uh. He's bisexual. Very bisexual. Like, not shy about it. He'll enter a room SUP GUYS I LIKE GIRLS AND GUYS. i dunno man he's just. super bisexual.
    I am asking permission to take control of the Bedrock. You've been inactive for so long, and it's been just me. And admittedly, I've liked it being just me. I would like this game to be my own now, may I please restart the thread?
    Thanks, it's almost been a year now and it's still hard, she was my best friend. :'( Well, at least now I have a good full-time job, it's just hard to do that and keep up with the things going on in my life. I don't come on here too often. :( How r things for u?

    I apologize for the intense lack of updates in PBB. First I was busy dealing with the aftermath of my truck getting wrecked, then I was tied up into looking/getting a new vehicle. Now, updates were beginning to become consistent, but I am dealing with a sickness. I updated yesterday because I was feeling better, but today it has been even worse. I probably won't update today, but will try to tomorrow. My current plan is to update PBB once a day or every other day. 12 hour updates may still happen if we have enough votes and feel like it.
    First of all, I couldn't respond.

    2nd of all, I said, "SCREW ALL THAT I'm READY FOR THE MORE AWESOMER KALOS" or something like that.

    Finally, I haven't really changed my bio in forever. No one is active these days.
    We're not doing the Sketchrock, I had a panic attack over it. I have no idea what this rock is called, I think I called it It's That Rock Again.
    I am sending this to you because you have nominated in "Pokemon Big Brother" before. Season 6 nominations are now open. If you would like to not be informed of this in the future, please let me know.

    But, feel free to nominate if you would like! This is a new season with a brand new story!
    Cool. That is good. Hopefully you will be able to nominate for the next season. We should be getting into the next season near the end of the week.

    Oh. I live in America. We normally go from August-May
    eh, no problem. I wish you could at least read. The story is drawing to a close and the story is slowing unraveling itself.

    Why do you have college during this time of the year?
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