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  • Thats pretty much exactly how it went. Boring.

    Sick, I'll head over and see what's going on.
    Because it just didn't work. I thought it would be a good idea, but people stopped posting, we ran out of ideas. It was difficult to judge. I held another vote, and it was overwhelmingly unanimous to go back to beating the sh*t out of a rock. And so, it was scrapped.
    Perfect. I too wish to fight a Craig.

    (Also, Shattersoul didn't break the Kill It With Kindness rock. No one did. It was scrapped. That bedrock is the Bedrock Bedrock.)
    Alright. But if this happens again, and you have to go Hella Inactive, I'll likely push this more. Don't apologize! I've loved doing this all on my own! It's more fun than breaking the thing, to be honest with you.

    Craig. It's name is Craig. We're breaking Craig.

    Eh, I tried it out, and it just... didn't work. People were struggling, and people lost interest. So, I scratched it, and in came the Bedrock Bedrock.
    If you'd like, (and I was talking to Schade earlier about this, awaiting his response), I can take it over completely. The end of the last last bedrock and the last bedrock in its entirety was entirely me. Granted, this would entail locking the current thread, and opening up a new one.

    Monster Guy broke the Tough to Crackrock, and Shattersoul broke the Bedrock Bedrock.
    Monster Guy won the last last bedrock, and Shattersoul won the last bedrock.

    (I asked you to update that a long while ago and it never? Happened?)
    Congratulations! Your nominees, Aken and Yonowaru, have made their way into "All-Star Island". Would you like me to notify you when it begins?
    I was thinking more of harsher events. like Drajesty straight-up LOSING her servants and Ricken's last remark.

    As well as Nero in the previous season, I never expected his events to be so brutal and heavy. I'm not big on that kind of stuff...I'm more preferred to the non-lethal kind of brutality, you know what I mean?
    Eh, that game over there is getting pretty hard-boiled, parallel to my liking. Actually it got pretty rough from the first season...
    Honestly, coulda gone two ways. He blew his elimination trigger a little too early. Definitely didn't expect him to win or anything, but he definitely started freaking out way too quickly (imo).

    But that happens.
    It's what the people chose. I'm a little disappointed he didn't get to last long, but that happens sometimes.

    Not every character will win, after all.
    I don't think the hate is because he's a bad CHARACTER.........more along the lines of Criss; where they have one main topic and just roll with it so much that it gets on a select few's nerves. Not everyone'll see it as you do (I'm sure there's also a little bias in your own enjoyment of him...)

    Something I've learned through this is to really try to separate yourself from the character. If people are voting them out, or are against that character, that's simply their opinion. Not everyone'll like the same characters, and especially as the characters remaining dwindle, people will notice a character's flaws more...

    I also think you're blowing it out of proportion a little; Delpop has had one vote this round...and I've said he's felt stale. That's pretty much all I've personally seen as far as "being sick of the copycat.", which by the standards of some of the characters that received tons of hate towards the point they got eliminated (Jiggly for having no personality without Sparky, Criss for always focusing on his story, Meta Joke...for obvious reasons, ect.) that's nothing.
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