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  • I'm too much of a pretty player to do that, tbh... I can't stand playing almost any game the way it's not supposed to be played, unless I have specific rules. (I have rocket-lockes like that, which require the "stealing from players" cheat.)

    Ah! It's okay my guy. Tbh, sometimes I forget it's not my thread, because I've been the only active Judge currently. Don't worry about that though, I've got it covered.)
    It's only because I take a good 5ever to play games, I do a lot of backtracking and grinding and i talk to everyone, and my friends play through so fast it's dizzying.

    (Oh! I forgot! The previous bedrock was destroyed, with 86 points over. I started a new bedrock called the Kill It With Kindnessrock. Thought you ought to know, since you are the OP. Sorry I didn't get around to that earlier.)
    I REALLY don't want Leafy to win honestly; he always rubbed me the wrong way as a character who'd go far on little, because he has little personality to him in general. At least Flounder had a small focus on being a chef, and seafood, that was brought in a few times throughout the season... Leafy's is basically just "A kind person that headbutts people when startled."

    This will always be my one gripe with PBB.... the more interesting a character is, the more likely their flaws are delved into, the more likely they're eliminated. Though I guess if Grey can make 'em work and flesh them out more in the big Winner's Round and prove me wrong. :p
    In my honest and unnecessary opinion; the fact we have two characters who heavily focus on copying others, and the fact both have survived this long, has caused both characters to get somewhat...stale. It's not the first time that having a character doing the same thing repeatedly has made them feel stale.

    I'll completely admit my own season 2 character (Criss the Swalot) got stale. Who knows, if Delpop lasts long enough maybe he'll get some development that'll change my opinion of him towards the final 4 or something, but until then, while he isn't a BAD character, like say, Meta Joke, he just isn't very entertaining to ME personally, and I'd rather not have him win...

    Sort of in that same vein of where we would have rather Yono had won Season 2 instead of Flounder, because he was a more interesting character.
    Sorry I haven't been on for a while. My kitty died in November, I was really upset because I couldn't be with her since my parents didn't tell me about her health declining fast enough. :( I watched her die via Skype, so at least I got to say goodbye to her, but I couldn't be with her. It was one of the hardest things.

    That's awesome that u got to go to London and see your girlfriend! :) And I'm sorry about the family's dog, but it sounds like she's okay. I just got a full-time job (FINALLY) so things are starting to look up a little bit.

    Oh okay, cool.

    I saw you on MM's forum a little while ago. We're reviving it ATM so we can bring back RPs like zombie Island and stuff.
    I have a ton of stuff going on as well. I am in charge of opening a student-run café, finding a new director for the school play by Thursday, and have 7 different class projects going on. And I have to create a whole business plan for the cafe to present to the school board tomorrow so we can get funding.
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