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  • Masterball would be fine, thanks. I'll look out for you online on Friday at same sort of time you sent the last message.
    I traded away my shiny Ponyta, mainly because I chained her, and then was like, "Damn.... now what?" I chained her just so I could see that gorgeous shiny patch, and the blue flame. :/ Which is kinda sad.

    The only shinies I got in trades were the Rapidash and Tentacruel.
    Shiny Eevee!? 8D *WANT*

    Uhm, I have a bit. O__o *tries to list all of them*

    GBA *all on emulator*:
    Mightyena, Spinda, Camerupt, Crobat, Pelipper, Golem

    DS *majority are on the real DS*:
    Starly x2, Staravia, Staraptor, Bidoof x4, Bibarel, Gallade, Gardevoir, Tyranitar, Floatzel, Pachirisu x2, Togepi x2, Tentacruel, Rapidash, Chimecho, Golem, Shinx x4, Luxio, Luxray, Voltorb, Electrode, Pichu, Raichu, Magneton, Zigzagoon, Linoone, aaaand... Doduo x2, Dodrio, Masquerain...

    Crud. o__o Wow, that's sad. I've lost track of my shinies...

    My random encounters were all the GBA ones, the Linoone, Electrode, Magneton, Staraptor, and the DS Golem as well. Chimecho and Zigzagoon were on chains of 1, and the Floatzel and one of the Starlys were on chains of 3.
    You're better with EVs than I am, and moves as well. >3 So you can pick what is best.

    I'll try to chain Tyrogues tonight. I've had better luck with them. >D If you wanted a specific nature, what would it be? I could try synchronising.
    If I do manage to get a Jolly Nidoran and/or a Tyrogue, I'm not asking for too much in return. It just gives me an excuse to chain for something specifically, as well as doing something fer someone else. :3

    I'm wondering, though. Do you breed Treeckos too? I haven't ever trained one on Diamond before, and it'd be neat to train one. I was thinking of EV training one, so maybe you could do something like that for me? :>
    I'll definitely give Nidoran Male and Tyrogue a try. :> I can't get Bagon at the moment, but I may be able to at some point in the future.

    The only Larvitar I have is fully evolved and attatched to me. 8D

    I don't know about Trapinch, but I could try and give Ralts another shot. I chained a couple earlier last month and grabbed two, but both are fully evolved now, and I don't think they're Adamant.

    I could give it a shot. What others were you after? *may just see which ones I could do which benefit myself as well haha*
    Hehe, I noticed you asking about requesting chained shinies. I was on random profiles. >D

    I could try to help. It really depends on the shiny you're after. :3
    you could either ask in the shiny chaining sticky or the particular Pokemon's thread if you only want one species.
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