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  • I perceive that we've left the subject miles behind.

    It is fact that opinions can be and in fact often are flawed and inaccurate as they can be internally biased and/or based on inaccurate interpretations of facts. Ergo, I choose not to deal in opinions and to work entirely in the realm of the factual, the provable and the tangible whenever possible.
    I respectfully disagree. Perception itself is subjective - to perceive is to understand and we as humans are capable of misunderstanding - and as such, perception, based on facts or not, can indeed be flawed and therefore not factual.

    I can look at the sun and be told that it's a giant, bright, burning ball of gas and yet still perceive that this ball of gas was physically created by some manner of ancient solar god instead of being created by whatever means stars are born. That doesn't make my perception fact, does it?
    What is an opinion if not a view of something based upon the facts available? We form opinions from facts, or at least what we perceive as facts.
    As I said, if I haven't posted, it generally means that have nothing to add. Contrary to what some believe, I don't go prowling around looking for random threads in which to stick my nose.
    Which would either mean I've not seen them or have nothing to add. If you feel I've overlooked a pitch in my wheelhouse, as the phrase goes, point it out to me here.
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