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May 22, 2014
Mar 2, 2012
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Fatalshock was last seen:
May 22, 2014
    1. varanus_komodoensis
      That's fine; I don't mind her being a Slowking :) I'm glad your team is finally complete now!
    2. varanus_komodoensis
      Aw, thank you for evolving my Slowpoke! That was really nice of you :)
    3. varanus_komodoensis
      Forgot the Prism Scale? :p
    4. varanus_komodoensis
      No, as long as I'm still in your Friend List, you shouldn't need to. I'm adding you now.
    5. varanus_komodoensis
      Sure! I have to re-add your FC, though, because I only have one open space left, so every time I do a trade I have to delete the person I traded with.
    6. varanus_komodoensis
      I was a little worried there for a minute because you paused - I was trying to figure out if I forgot something :) You're welcome, and thank you as well!
    7. varanus_komodoensis
      Alright, I'm online!
    8. varanus_komodoensis
      Awesome! I'll add your FC now.
    9. varanus_komodoensis
      Hey I'll be online all day so just send me a VM whenever you're ready to trade.
    10. Kevin24
      all flash fire cyndaquils are hacks. it was never released
    11. varanus_komodoensis
      If you're online now, I can trade now. I'm in GMT -6, but I often stay up fairly late, so I'm sure we can work out a time.
    12. varanus_komodoensis
      Hey Fatalshock! I have your Ditto, Larvesta, and Gresious Orb ready for trade, so let me know when you're free!
    13. Fatalshock
      Cheers, although I'm not sure I understand how a Pokémon can have 2 abilities. Anyway, flawless is purely chance. Perfect is 5IVs, and you have a 1/31 chance of getting a 6th IV. Very time consuming.
    14. LLR
      The Ability Capsule is a new item this generation. You can only use it once. It costs 200 BP in the Battle Maison. It will switch a Pokemon NORMAL abilities if there are 2 of them. It does NOT work to get the hidden ability.
    15. LLR
      Your doing better than I am then ...I bred I don't know how many boxes of Marills trying to get a flawless one!
      But I also keep reminding myself yes each generation they make breeding the pokemon you want easier but they always leave that element of chance. Sometimes you get very lucky and most of the time, for me at least, not so lucky.
    16. LLR
      Oh WOW! Congratulations! :)
    17. LLR
      Good luck!
      Oh hey if you get an Aron with HA and breed one for me, I don't care about anything but the HA, I breed a pokemon with HA for you.
    18. LLR
      So I'm only about 1 step ahead of you...
      Aron with its Hidden ability can only be obtained in X and by horde.
      the problem with hordes is you can't use trace to identify a pokemons ability and few have the hidden ability

      So you're left with catching a LOT of pokemon or
      Finding a pokemon that can learn Skill Swap (Duosion, Spritzee, Carbink or Smeargle) (oh the reason I can tell you all of this is I just looked it up day before yesterday)
      Find a pokemon that know something like Entertainment I think is the other move that switches or tells you what the opposing poke's ability is and I think it is a move so you can focus on individual pokemon in the hord...if I recall correctly Audino.

      or the easy way is to trade someone for it Varanus is good
    19. LLR
      Who and with what ability are you trying to breed?
    20. Nitocrys
      Responding to your question here, as it'd be considered spam if i did it via thread.

      Screenshots, video proof, etc.

      EDIT: i forgot one more thing, you can bring said item to an official nintendo event.
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