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  • Well, that and I like to promote people having a level of individuality. People kind of started asking for my opinion because I kinda stood up for the not so common choices people make.
    How has Fawn been? Been a little while since I really caught up with you. Episode of StriatonRadio I was on uploaded. People keep pulling me to their threads by PM just to rate them. Didn't think I was doing that great a job. Apparently it's because I don't speak down to people that badly (how one person put it).
    Yeah. I haven't really been playing much lately either (at least not competetively). I've been reading a few good books. I did also get to participate in the StriatonRadio podcast lol. How are you holding up?
    Oh, looks like you did reply to my last VM xD. Mild teasing aside, it is pretty fun all the same. On a side note, I hope your team construction / prediction challenges are going well :)
    I love getting a surprise KO on an OU with an NU lol. It's great because too many people undervalue hidden gems. Means I get a few surprise victories myself. Although, I've also been sorely beaten for my quirkiness too -_-
    So many undervalued strategies / moves / pokemon. Sad sometimes. Some people make Pokemon Battle more like a job than a fun game/past time.
    What's really funny is my last pokemon out was Chansey. I was certain I was a goner. His HJK missed and he self KOed... I won XD lol
    That's cool. I try to avoid a DD set. Usually when I use a DD set, someone swaps in something with Mach Punch and messes me up because they know I'm about to start set up (and take advantage of it). Depending on the metagame, I use a Gem. I've messed up a few Conks with Water Gem, Rain boosted Crab Hammer... and even scored a few lucky crits. My friend only assumed I was using a choice band because I didn't use DD. Knocked out his Jelli and left a spaceship sized dent in his Scrafty too. He really should have opted for Drain Punch over Hi Jump Kick XD
    Meh. I've gone as far as beating Jelli with a Crawdaunt. My friend wasn't too happy that I reminded him that he used a ghost type to counter a dark type lol. He thought my Crawdaunt was choiced into Crabhammer. I was actually sporting a Dark Gem XD lol
    It's a gamble. Since most put EVs into defense, it can take a little more punishment. The fact Tentacruel can learn Giga Drain gives it somewhat of an edge. Add also that it outrun Azumarill. At the end of the day though, I think Aqua Jet / Waterfall would score more damage on Tenta anyway (condering it's not immune like Jellicent is).
    Not even water types in general. Just water types that resist / are immune to it's other moves. Azumarill just has issues with Jellyfish for some reason (Jellicent and Tentacruel)
    I did too. But I only did it because someone told me "it hits really hard. Like a tank". So I tried it. Turned out they were right lol. Better yet, Waterfall hit even harder lol. And then.... it met it's first Jellicent -_-
    lol, I'm a big fan of anything that uses Aqua Jet. Have you ever watched a Choice Band Huge Power rain boosted Azumarill use Aqua Jet? I swear Conkeldurr starts his Eulogy the second he sees blue XD
    lol, it is a beast in that regard and a great toxic wish staller. It's also great for passing on big wish heals to it's team. Sad it's similar to blissey in lacking offense. And unlike blissey, it doesn't get a seismic toss equivalent :( It's still fun to use :) btw, thank you for the post. Your suggestion was something I was already testing and it does work better.
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