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  • They do follow tiers, but the borders are a little different. Simply because certain pokemon (example: Bronzong) function MUCH better in a doubles setting since their bulk and function in support are more helpful. Also, because it's more fast paced, annoying problems like stealth rocks and entry hazards are less common. This makes practicing prediction a little less taxing. By example, look at the VGC teams being posted. Though there are lots of OU pokemon in them, a lot reach out to UU and even NU to pick up some unexpected gems.
    On another note, I'd actually love to get your thoughts on my VGC team. It's still up there if you want to sneak a peek. It's sad, but the forum is so disturbingly quiet lately.
    The best advice I can give to improve prediction is to try doubles. Reason being is that if you make a mistake in prediction, you still have two pokemon on the field who work together. A bad prediction with one can be fixed by a good prediction on the other. As you get better in doubles prediction, you are better equipped to handle singles prediction. I'm still a work in progress with it, but I've gotten better using this strategy.
    The biggest problem with OU (and why I generally hate playing OU) is that it's so prediction based. I like UU because (I think) there's more liberty and an ever changing concept to how to play. It's hard to "fix" a team in OU because it could simply be that you are making bad predictions. And since "prediction" pretty much means "guess", it's rather difficult to work around.
    I left a post on your team. I hope it's insightful enough and roughly what you were hoping for. Seriously took a lot of brainwork, tier study, probability match ups and the like. Your team really racked my brain lol
    ugh, i need to sleep, its midnite here and i have school tomorrow unless it snows. its seventy degrees here very day, but with one inch of snow socety stops, im debating covering the Superintendent's neighborhood with artificial snow so he calls off school for a day. . .
    yeah, i just posted a humongous post on the clan, which told off the MODS as best i could without it looking like i told off the MODs, and also slight commentary on how socially reppressive they are being, because noone uses the Xat on a regular basis. *sigh* i know it's their job and all but it seems wierd to create a sight for people with similar interests to meet up and hang out and then restrict what they talk about strictly to that one topic
    Ragnarok was cracking down on the clan, she thinks its her fault, but it really isnt. It was all of us, she has absolutely nothing to worry about
    Hey :) Da Who's exams finish today (or at least, I think they do) so he should be back on soon.

    (Probably give him a few days while he goes out and gets really drunk though.... *rolls eyes*)
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