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  • Hey Faylin!
    Forget the last message i sent,i beat the elite 4 and the champion ^_^
    So, i am ready to battle with you!
    Send me a message when you are ready, because i won't hurry you.
    But there is one thing: I can battle next week, that's because today and tommorrow i am very busy, and in the weekend i go to my father, and he doesn't have wireless internet :(.
    So i can battle next week, send me a message when you are ready!
    Hey Faylin!
    I don't know if you finished the Leaugue already but i don't. :(
    I was very busy with school so a start a while later, sorry for that.
    Now i am fighting Cyntia, but i still ***** lose!
    I have 5 pokemon left:
    Infernape (lv.63)
    Luxray (lv.57)
    Mismagius (lv.56)
    Gengar ;) (lv.50)
    Golduck (lv.57)
    Drifblim (lv.50,but he fainted)

    I just have like 7 hyper potions left, i do not save when she beats me,the thaught tat i have to do the elite 4 all over again is just terrible.
    I really like to battle with you, but it does take a while.

    Fire and Ghost trainer
    cool stuff dude! stick 5 other pokemon you want rid of in your party & i'll send 6 dawn stones over (pickup pachirisu ftw!)

    shoot me a message when you're online - my FC is in my sig (got yours from your sig + added you already)
    Trading shiny vulpix for a Dawn Stone. :3 PM.
    i can get my DS online in about 8 hours from now if you wanna trade?
    Wow cool.
    I tell you when i am finished with the league.
    I thaught you already beat the leugue, i mean you have such i good team.
    Hey, next week i am going to fight Aaron (the first elite) because i am very busy.
    And where are you now in the game?


    Fire and Ghost trainer
    Faylin, thanks for helping me out.
    Im with you man!
    And when i am done with the leaugue, i really want to battle you, weither it is on the ds or even on PBR! (if you want to that is)
    You have a nice team i must say.

    Fire and Ghost trainer
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