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  • Thank you for the compliment!

    I take a strong stance on donating blood, because my cousin has an illness where she is getting a lot of blood transfusions. And I've had a few in my life, too.
    Oh, I have nothing against you or otherwise, and I was thinking eariler today whether or not I should have posted that, so thanks for reminding me, I'll see if I can take it down. If it was really nessicary to post I should have messaged you privately, if said anything at all. I wasn't thinking. And I assure you, I'm not a non-sympathiser (is that a word), I've had worst things just down the line of anti-semitism, so I apoligise for anything I may have said offensivly or out of context. We cool?
    Um... not sure how to react to this. My imagination cancompose a number of possible theories, but I recommend you NOT donate blood if you need to lie about it. Sorta off topic, and possibly offensive which makes me wonder why I even bothered to post it, but I felt morally obligated to. Sorry if I was 100% wrong (I think I am).
    I mean this in the politest way possible, but quite frankly you don't know my life nor do you know my circumstances. I have absolutely nothing which would inhibit me from donating blood other than having sex with the same gender (which was consensual and I used protection.) The only thing limiting it from me is a discriminatory policy which has no real basis rather than a "scare" that happened years ago.
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