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  • You can look on how to EV train on serebii.net/games/evs
    Basically the person your EV training for gives you what values they want, and you get the Pokemon that spread. If you need Pokerus to speed the whole thing up, I can do help you there.
    So if I said I want a 4Hp/252Att/252Spe, you would get 252 att EVs for that Pokemon, then 252 Speed, then 4 HP. Well you could do them in any order really. Honestly the real only ones you are probably going to see are:
    There are more complex spreads, but they are quite uncommon. When compared to those at least.
    Most shinies will just require you to EV train a Pokemon for me. Others, usually with good IVs, will be a bit more difficult for me to relinquish. Other shinies which I just happen to have a lot of I trade away for ID Numbers for a Choice Scarf and other free items from the guy in Castellia. Now that I have your ID No., you would have to EV train (1:1 sound fair?) or RNG abuse something similar to what I've got for the better ones.
    O right,if you entered a while ago, my jerk of a brother closed my DS "to save battery," despite the obvious signs I was waiting for someone in the WiFi Room. (He does play Pokemon so he should know better.)
    Okay I'll be in the Wifi Room till 6:15 PM PST. Got to Pokeshift them first though. My FC and In Game Name:
    White (English) (OT: Ominous) FC: 2838 0207 0855
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