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  • Yeah sorry, someone already approached me with the trade offer for Porygon, and that was the last trade evolution I needed. Good luck with your game by the way! I'm sorry it didn't work out.
    Oh sorry I'm still early in the game. Don't have anything much to offer :( I thought you still needed help to evolve pokemon by trade.

    nevermind then, thank you!
    I can breed Litten or Popplio, I do have an extra Japanese ditto but I don't know if it has any good IVs or not. The only evolution I really need at this point that I can't do myself at the moment is Froslass, so if you have a dawn stone or would trade me a Froslass temporarily so I can get the dex entry, that'd be neat and I'd trade the ditto or litten/popplio for it.
    Btw do you have a spare ditto and/or litten/popplio? I can help you evolve your pokemon in return
    The message wasn't sent because my inbox was full.
    I got an email notification saying "Febilian has just tried to send you a private message, but your inbox is full".
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