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  • Last.fm link in your sig.
    I'm not sure about the re-master but it also comes with 3 bonus discs.
    I thought it was too many posts in one thread in one night and it killed the humor a little bit.
    i am a heron. i ahev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other profiles i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans.
    Oh Fenix look what I found...

    (12:53:20 pm) *** SPPGuest1305 is now known as jonspitfire
    (12:53:25 pm) «jonspitfire» hi ppls
    (12:54:55 pm) « Joins: [Arthur] (Arthur@PurpleSurge-CCFDC7E2.cable.telstraclear.net) »
    (12:55:18 pm) « Joins: [SPPGuest2095] (SPPGuest20@PurpleSurge-8BB31767.netvigator.com) »
    (12:55:29 pm) *** SPPGuest2095 (SPPGuest2@PurpleSurge-8BB31767.netvigator.com) has quit IRC (Quit: Serebii.net Rules!!)
    (05:29:03pm) (jonspitfire) hay ppl did you know motercycles dont have doors
    (05:29:11pm) (+Nayru) ...
    (05:29:22pm) (Sedna) ...
    (05:29:37pm) (Kaori) lol
    (05:29:40pm) (Kirby) ...
    (05:29:41pm) (Kaori) Duh
    (05:29:44pm) (Kirby) LMAO
    (05:29:45pm) (Sedna) ...
    (05:29:49pm) (Sedna) ROFL.
    (05:29:50pm) (Kirby) That is my new quit message
    (05:29:56pm) (Kaori) No i want it
    (05:29:57pm) (Sedna) X.X
    (05:30:00pm) (Sedna) I want it.
    (05:30:02pm) (+Nayru) damn, I wanted to put that in mine
    (05:30:03pm) (jonspitfire) lol
    (05:30:09pm) (Kirby) NO
    (05:30:13pm) (Kirby) TOO LATE
    (05:30:13pm) (Kirby) Mine
    (05:30:14pm) (Kirby) .quit
    (05:30:17pm) (Sedna) ?
    (05:30:17pm) (Kirby) ...
    (05:30:18pm) —› quit: (Kirby) (Star_Road@PurpleSurge-99E4DD66.ipt.aol.com) (Quit: [01:26] <jonspitfire> hay ppl did you know motercycles dont have doors)
    (05:30:20pm) (jonspitfire) i didnt know that many ppl were listening
    (05:30:20pm) (Sedna) lmao.
    (05:30:24pm) (+Nayru) ;o;
    (05:30:24pm) (Kaori) Wait i'll make something else
    FENIX! I waited to see you but I went to bed and didn't see you yesterday :(!!! Happy late birthday <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Haha. You'd be right to expect that but apparently I have a habit of ranting so I'm trying to tone it down a little. If you ask some of the older members I'm sure they'll agree. Although it's significantly better since Dattebayo got banned.

    Well, yes, in that occassion, the person becomes awesome :p

    It really annoys me when people say that. I checked out the thread and it looked interesting. SPPF is getting worse quite honestly. But there are still a few good people left. I tend not to either since music taste doesn't normally say much about a person.
    Because a lot of people I know are purest indie/scene kids who can't understand how someone can listen to Asking Alexandria and Pavement. It's one or the other, everybody has to fit a stereotype or group since you're weird if you don't. It makes it easier for them to judge you. Then of course there's the jock types who like the Billboard/chart music and naturally hate anything guitar related. As for the acoustic/folk stuff, most people go for the classic "it all sounds the same".
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