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  • Did you ever get to move it to a game in which you could play through with it? I certainly think that sounds like a splendid idea.

    And yeah, I've actually taken a bit of a break from my main shiny hunting goal in order to at least further my hunt on Staryu. I've been fishing for it in LG and HG. I'm thinking that if I don't get it by 15,000 fishings, I'll put it on hold for a while until I can hunt for it on Black and White. That way I can take advantage of both Synchronize and it's 60% encounter rate.
    I also think Arcanine is gorgeous. :)

    And thank you for the congratulations! I'm still jealous of your shiny Staryu/Starmie (not sure if you evolved it) though!
    Thanks! I really like shiny rapidash, but shiny machop is a cool shiny ^^
    Definitively I'm going to hunt in Pokemon Tower. I like the 3rd Generation, the encounters are very fast! I wanted shiny Gastly, because I don't like shiny cubone...
    I don't like the hunt in 4rd Generation. This hunt will be my new hunt, but I have to find the shiny ponyta. Congrats for the Gastly, is impresionant!
    Yuhuu, congrats on the blue Ghastly.^^
    Someone is sucking my luck. No, just kidding.
    Congrats for the shiny gastly! I really like this shiny ^^
    I think that I'm going to hunt in Pokémon Tower. Is the hunt in Pokemon Tower very slow?
    Yeah Emerald is pretty strange when it comes to shiny hunting, but like you said you can always use your sapphire version. Also, if by any chance you own platinum version you might be able to find someone on the forums here to trade you an event regigigas so you can hunt the regis in platinum.
    Alright, thanks again, Ferf! You'll know it if one of em shines.^^
    I command, "Shine one of you!!"

    Gee, I hate hunts where we have to check their data pics. <_<
    Hey, nice to meet you :). Rayquaza was my first shiny that I ever caught myself, and i caught him back in 2007 so it was a long time ago. At the time I had no idea about RNG clones and the subject, so i just began SRing away like normal. He eventually showed up shiny, but it wasn't until about a year later that i learned about RNG and how i could have potentially never gotten a shiny through that method, guess i had an early shiny frame hahaha.
    Oh damn, I envy you so. So what I'm doing is already correct, but not lucky yet.
    I've done 10,300 SR's on two DS'. What annoys me I can't do other other hunts while hunting them, unlike other starters e.g. fifth gen's, I still can RE in other game & get shinies even if the hunt decides go forever. So if i stop b/c it's so boring, then I'll really waste my time of hunting this time. I can only push myself to do 100 SR's each day now =p

    Anyway, I'm hunting for Charmander/JP FR & Squirtle/US LG.
    I just wish at least one starter shine.

    Your real name is Ferfie, is that common?
    Well, my questions are kinda silly, and only to make sure actually =p
    You just save in front of the pokeball, right?
    I soft reset in my two DS', will it make any difference/affect it? On what system did you hunt yours? If on DS, can you show me the pics for inspiration Ferfie?

    Thanks, Ferf.

    Good luck, Ferf! (Does it sound like Perve?)
    This actually refers to the sound when I call you 'Ferf' =p
    hmm.......not sure. I had gotten off work yesterday at 3:15, got home round 330, did all my usual stuff, did some homework, and played with ditto for about an hour and a half before shutting it off to try the Dream World with White.......this was around 6. at 7, i put Soulsilver back in, went back to play with Ditto, and got him right after i posted my shiny news.....which was around 11 i think? i say my Soulsilver is lucky, lol
    Thanks, Ferf!
    Sorry if I reply any of your vms or even congrats you late on your new shinies, as I only log in to this forums if I have new shiny to post/I feel like posting something.

    Anyway, I'm jello w/ your shiny Kyogre. You may not have even half of my shinies, but still you have some shinies I really want, especially the Kanto starters from 3rd gen.

    I've been hunting them in awhile, over 10k now, & dual hunting make it worse, it's getting slower n slower as I'm getting bored. I hate when annoying hunts going long.
    My point here is not to whine, I'd like to ask you some questions actually.
    But later.

    Good luck, Ferf! (Does it sound like Perve?) XD
    Thanks!! :D I adore how her stats says that she came from Dragon's Den. It makes her look so special and unique. ;u;

    I've always wanted a shiny Gyarados, I just never had a real aching for one until a couple of weeks ago. I hope your hunts are doing okay!
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