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  • Yeah, I'm not much of a hardcore hunter myself. I just joined because it forces me to get shinies that I intended to hunt for but procrastinated.
    Hi, Ferfie. Thanks a lot for the congrats.

    I don't go to the forums that often either, unless I tend to get shinies, lol.
    It feels kinds weird actually, hunting too much. I try not to anymore, but stubborn hunts make me itch to get them.

    Well, it's a good thing you don't get shinies too often so I don't always have congratulate you XD j/k. As long as you're still hunting then you're still in the game.

    Good luck on the Lugia & Kyogre.^^
    Break my Lugia's hunt record with 13,000+ SR's Ferf! & Kyogre 18,000 SR's w/ no shiny, lol, lol.
    Well, thanks. I got another new shiny, lol. Let's see how long before my luck kicks me out from the club again.

    Anyway, HUGE congrats on teh shiny Suicune. It's really RAD! (what's the meaning of rad anyway, I don't really know, lol :x).
    At least It didn't go over 20k, although 19k is long enough.
    One member, I remember, NarutoPokeDude got his Lugia after 25,000 SR's, that's pretty sick.

    Good luck for your other hunts/new future hunts.

    Keep in touch.^^
    I'm going to try to get every Sapphire SRable shiny before the internal battery runs dry. Mudkip's next!
    Wow, awesome job on the shiny Suicune! 19,000+ SRs? That's nuts! Congrats on sticking through with it and not giving up - your dedication was well worth it!
    No, I won't be hunting a starter, but I will be hunting Roggenrola for my team in White and Litwick for Black. =D
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