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  • hey i'd like to challenge your gym in the LoL league, so yea vm me to setup a time or when you can
    Fetchwell are you busy or something?I know you been on serebii yesterday and hasnt responded to my PM.If you are busy and cant battle me just tell me.No need to hide or anything.Also you must post in the clan to tell us your still alive
    Need to battle your league of Legends gym, get back to me when you are on so we can work out a time for the battle
    Hey, welcome to The Legacy. I'm sure you will enjoy your time with us. We have many members, many willing to help out with anything, and really, we're just a big family imo. I'm Ultimate Dragon Knight, or UDK, whichever u prefer. :) If you ever need help, just PM one of us, or speak in the clan thread. And also, don't forget to check out the clan chat, which is in my and Twilight's signature on the clan thread. Welcome to the clan; I hope you come to love it as much as I do.
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