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    Ganondorf was introduced earlier, yes, but there was no real reason for him to be in the story. Why couldn't they have just not ruined Zant's character and made him the final boss?
    No real reason? It was a Zelda title taking place in Hyrule involving the Master Sword. Isn't that reason enough? He's one-third of the trinity - why not complain about Link and Zelda being involved? Ganondorf's role in the tapestry of the tale is just as legitimate. And even though it wouldn't have made any sense at the time, his inclusion makes plenty of sense in light of what we learned from Skyward Sword, that the myriad Links and Zeldas are cursed to be followed by Ganon throughout history.
    Drawing from a successful formula wouldn't be a Ganondorf shoo-in at the very end.
    They introduced him to the game's narrative about halfway through with the flashback, didn't they?

    And I get that the triad of forest/fire/water gives a variety of locales while also providing some 'learn the ropes' stuff as you go on, but is it really necessary to echo it post-Master Sword just like Ocarina of Time?
    I thought this was where they branched away the most. Locales like Snowpeak and the Mansion, the Temple of Time, the Palace of Twilight, weren't those stark contrasts from the basic elemental temples that Ocarina used?
    What's the line between "trying too hard to be [successful past game]" and "drawing from a successful formula"?
    Whether I do or don't is immaterial. I enjoyed the game. Whether it stands up to other games, solely a subjective matter, is a question for people who choose to worry about such things.

    What is it you feel the game did or didn't do that doesn't enable it to hold up against other comparable Zelda games?
    By reading that thread, you'd think every little thing in the game was a result of laziness, stupidity or just a "wrong" creative decision.
    Yes it is, another definition for idiot is someone who does not care for politics, and another is someone who keeps commiting the same mistake over and over again expecting different results.
    And then what makes you think that, and that would be incorrect. An idiot is a mentally handicapped person, where as I could not hold this conversation or computer if I was.
    Whether you believe me or not is your choice, either way, if you don't agree to something there is still no reason to be rude. If I offended you then you tell me in private and I'll fix it, but telling someone to never come back because you don't like something they said/typed is highly rude. If you can't say anything nice, then shut up and don't say anything at all.
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