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Recent content by fhqwhgads

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    I show up exactly when I need to to prevent my account from being pruned, ha.

    I show up exactly when I need to to prevent my account from being pruned, ha.
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    Eevee evolution requirements.

    It has nothing to do with team choice, because you can evolve Eevee before/without choosing a team.
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    Eevee evolution requirements.

    It's random. Don't turn this into a Wurmple thing.
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    GPS Issue

    There are quite a few bugs in Pokemon Go.
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    GO Recent Happenings Thread

    I managed to check it at 2AM and see a Dratini 2 steps from my house, so I ran out in the rain to finally catch it, having missed a previous Dratini and Dragonair discovery. Slow climb through level 18 since I'm taking the day off from going around.
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    Paper Mario Discussion Thread (Origami King and Others)

    M&L issues stem from wobbly quality. Superstar Saga, Bowser's Inside Story, great entries. Partners in Time, less so. Paper Jam, I've heard extremes both ways. Meanwhile, Paper Mario went very good, to pinnacle, to degrading changes. It's not that we want a good Mario RPG, there've been a...
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    Paper Mario Discussion Thread (Origami King and Others)

    Been waiting on Gamecube VC since what, 2014? I'll call it dead as well. But then immediately hope for it on NX regardless of news. Sigh.
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    I mean, we already had Stantler before Sawsbuck, and I don't see you confusing the two(or even remembering Stantler).
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    Paper Mario Discussion Thread (Origami King and Others)

    Seriously. Over a dozen WiiU games have sold over a million copies, and all the new ones(Splatoon, Hyrule Warriors) exceeded expectations in doing so.
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    Zelda games discussion

    Look, it's not coming from nowhere, there's Koroks at this point in the world. Safe money says there are OPTIONS for bird meat.
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    [DESTINY] Guardians of Serebii.net Forums

    I have a Titan already, no worries there.
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    Zelda games discussion

    Follow-up question, can we cook Rito?
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    Fallout Series Discussion Thread

    Yeah, but it's probably going to be way smaller. I was honestly expecting closer to Automatron, but once the rumor was confirmed, it looks like a new place, so we've at least got that.
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    3DS: Dual Destinies and Kirby's Adventure 3D PS3: Uncharted 2 360: Dead Space Xbone: Thief Origin: Mirror's Edge Catalyst I'm trying to work through my backlog and pretend I have self-control.
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    [DESTINY] Guardians of Serebii.net Forums

    I fell out of this hard, but Rise of Iron is starting to dig hooks into me. Raised a wee babby Warlock for the occasion. Rise of Iron looks real good.