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  • So, neither you nor Xander have been on for months, so I'm dropping our battle. I hope all is well, and if you ever come back please VM me and we can get a new ref!
    Hey Delta, I posted in the Trainer Absences thread, but just so you know I'm going to be traveling without internet access the 12th through the 25th. Hopefully by then Xander will have reffed our match and we can continue our battle!
    I hope u like serebiiforums so far and I know what u wanted to say in ur little speach "Procrasinating".
    Oh, I see now. *laugh*
    Just to let you know I'll be traveling for Christmas and will be without internet access through Wednesday, so don't get worried if I don't post in our battle!
    Okay, I was mixing up the letters of your username trying to come up with a nickname, and when I added an "a" I got Delta (like the sand at the mouth of a river, or this symbol for change: ∆) which I thought sounded cool. Just taking the first four letters and having your nickname be Fide sounds rather cool as well. Do you prefer either of these, or no?
    Hello! I'm Luka, I'm battling you in PASBL right now. I just wanted to say hello and welcome, and I was also wondering if you have a nickname, or do you just like to be called Fidelity?
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