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Recent content by fidjnr

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    Dub Title Thread

    1st aired in NZ
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    "Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon", starting November 17th

    I think you are right and
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    Oct 20th: XY&Z046 - Farewell, Ash Greninja! Xerosic Strikes Back

    this could be very interesting with an evil malmar
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    "Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon", starting November 17th

    notice the ?! in the poster that could be a clue
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    Sep 8th: XY&Z041 - Attack on Lumiose Gym! The Citroid Forever!!

    It would've be an arc loaded with superstars without the Hoenn region's superstar trainer appearing in the episode. He needs no introductions but I'll give him one anyway, the one and only Steven Stone
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    Hints of Team Flare rigging the match?

    I think TF rigged this match 'cause if it did the result of the final will be overturned
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    Will Alain be disqualified?

    I thinking the TRio are needing Looker's assistance