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  • I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome fic you wrote me! I know my prompt wasn't very specific, but you really fleshed out a story that was very enjoyable to read and brought a smile to my face, especially where Brent is looking through his book and thinks of hiking in Mt. Moon with his dad :) Thanks again, and happy New Year!!!
    Yes. I friend all people who go to my page! :p Just for curiosity's sake, why were you on my page? even though I love visitors!
    I happen to be replaying PMD2 again. :D I restarted Darkness yesterday and am already hunting him down now. ;-;
    Yes it is. ^-^ Especially the one in PMD2. Was kinda like the inspiration for me to start using this username on website back in 2009.
    Where to begin...? (I'll only say a little bit for now, as there is a lot to cover on the grounds of battling, it is very late in the evening over here, and I am about to log off for the night.)

    The team is decent. It has good Pokemon, but as a whole, they don't work very well together; only two Pokemon benefit from Sandstorm (once it's been set up), and the Zoroark/Toxicroak combo works better outside of weather such as sandstorm (not that there was a sandstorm when the combo was destroyed, but it's worth a mention).

    Every team needs a central strategy (whether the team benefits from weather or not doesn't matter, but OU tends to have a lot of weather nowadays). If you plan to make a sandstorm team, consider placing Leftovers on certain Pokemon as well as adding Pokemon immune to sandstorm (a.k.a. Rock, Ground, and Steel types).

    There's a lot more to be said here, but I'm running out of stamina, and I'm going to bed. I'll tell you more tomorrow.
    For our first war (unless you're a very quick learner) you may not be in (just because the war takes place in less than a week), but after a little bit of guidance from matgonor and I, I'll give you a second chance.
    Yeah... good match, though. I or Matgonor could give you bits and pieces of advice on how to improve in battle, if you're still interested in the war team.
    The "best time" to battle is when I catch you online at the same time as I am. Other than that, I'm usually available most of the daytime, and from 9-10 PM in the evening my time. I don't stay on if there is nothing to do (which is why I'm sometimes offline earlier than 10 PM).

    I'll try to catch you tomorrow (and if you could tell me your time zone, it'd be easier for me to find you on at the same time as me).
    Just sending a VM so you can see it here if you don't see my post on Omega:

    I'd like to battle you myself just so I can see your skills in action. Sometimes, it's easier if I see stuff like this in action for me to evaluate. I'm GMT -6, and I will be available from 12:00 PM onward.
    Team galactque will be organizing a tournament. If you are interested or can't please post that you can't/ will participate.
    I may or may not be on tonight, and I won't be on tomorrow night. Either way, you'll get your prize soon.
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