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  • Sorry it took so long, but thanks a ton for the trade (and for attaching the Everstones to the Pumpkaboo)!!
    OKAY, I am done and ready to trade! I'll look for you online in a sec!
    K, I have everything cloned and ready but I have to do something for another trader first, maybe will take about 15 mins? I'll VM you when I'm good!
    Hiya! We are slated to trade today yes? I'll be available in an hour and a half or so, at which point I have a couple other trades to do so, maybe better to do it in two hours or so?
    Hiya! Wanted to let you know that this Sat I'm out of town and will only have trade times around 7-10 PM or so if that works for you. I still have trade times tonight (Wed times) as well, but if none of that works we'll have to try next week. Sorry for the trouble. @@
    That's what it tends to do, yeah. Nah, if I need to remove it I can do it myself. Thanks for the offer tho!
    Awesome! Looking forward to it. c:
    Nah! The Shiny Pikachu checks out; the normal one is on a list of legit events I have, but on the list it's listed as Shiny and this one is not, so I'm not sure about that one. Heh yeah, Bank is kinda simplified so it's not the best for checking. @w@
    Oh right, cuz the link in your sig is older stuff. Anything else you might have from my Wants list would be cool, and I miiiiight consider other stuff I don't have it you wanna cross-reference with my lists. There's still older stuff I'd take too, so in the end I'm sure I can find enough!
    (Side note, I noticed your Pikachu Festival Pikachus have the Premiere Ribbon on them. Probably means they were cloned / come from Pokecheck, which most people consider hacking. I'm fine with it since they seem legit. Do you know where you got them from? I'm gonna cross-reference with a hack checker I know well and see if he knows anything about them just to make sure.)
    (Totally forgot I had a couple more to get from you so I send you some bonus events I had lying around (Alola Hat Pikachu [self-redeemed] and the Occupation Plan Pyroar)! Enjoy! ;3 )
    Thank you so much! I've been looking for these one for awhile. Enjoy the Pokemon! c:
    Whenever you're ready for more, I'd be happy to do another trade so feel free to post with your next list of wants!
    Yes I am! Had some trouble with my system so it took a bit haha. I will hop online in a sec! (My FC is in my profile, IGN is Road.)
    Haha I'm not surprised, not a lot of people can read Japanese well so it's tricky. @w@
    So the Modest Gardevoir and Brave Metagross are both actually Miyazaki yes? Then all three of them are still fine for me!
    Yup, works for me! I'll jot you down for that time and have everything ready! c:
    Hiya! So my Wed is probably not gonna work out since it's in the evening for me therefore likely a crazy time for you, and also I have company over that evening so I'll be distracted. Saturday I have to cut off trades at 5 PM instead of 10, but I can do any time from 10 AM til then! (All of this is in my time, GMT+9, as a reminder.)
    No problem! :) And thanks for letting me know about my inbox, that happens to me all the time! Haha.
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