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  • I have the old VHS cassette lol: it really does still hold up and in my eyes, it's one of the best anime-related things Pokemon has released or made, period.
    Yeah, I know: laziness, man, and they didn't even do a good job with this different Mewtwo, either.

    Honestly, I find M16 a disgrace to M01 and especially Mewtwo Returns-- those had depth and profound questions to ask us about ourselves and others. This? Just a cheap cash-in for more of the almighty green stuffy.
    "making mewtwo have a female voice..."

    Well, actually, this Mewtwo is a different Mewtwo entirely than the one we knew and is female, but regardless I do agree Miriam Pultro (the dub actress) was pretty generic and lifeless as the female Mewtwo, and didn't do a good job as her, and yes, the film itself was indeed horrible.
    Thats absolutely not fair.
    How you going to put my Karrablast against one of my favorite shiny. :(
    Blue was my second favorite, and yeah, he was pretty much spot on from the games. They even kept his "Smell ya later" line from them, which I thought was really nice.

    If the Anime nowadays was half as good as The Origin was...*sighs*...we really need specials like this for each generation of games with a new protag, antagonists, etc, IMO.
    I can hardly blame you seeing as I fully agree with everything you just said lol: can't believe people are bashing that when the main anime at this point has so many more flaws with it that it could take me days to list all of them. *sighs*

    Who was your favorite character in The Origin? Mine was Giovanni, personally: they gave him a lot of depth that even his game counterpart didn't have, or even his anime counterpart has now, IMO.
    Hey there: I just wanted to say I fully agree with you that The Origin is a lot better than many here make it out to be: honestly, I haven't enjoyed any Pokemon Animated Material in a long time until it came up.
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