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  • lol that sucks. But you should be able to pick up all of the Korean events from now on, and with B2/W2 coming out i imagine there will be a lot more events coming too. You should learn to RNG, you would be the only guy on Serebii with flawless Korean events and shinnies XD
    If you have a korean game then when the egg hatches they will have your OT, ID, and will assume their Korean names. At the very least once they evolve they will have their korean names, but im pretty sure that once the egg hatches on the korean game it will be a korean pokemon. (never actually tried this before :p)
    oh I saw your post on the shiny thread and thought you were looking for those 3 shinies sorry I'm new ^^ and well to be honest I don't really understand IVs too much its the stats right? and the shiny mew is Japanese so idk who its original trainer was and its nature is adamant its a faraway mew :) and the stats of the latios are 239 217 279 255 260
    are u interested in any of these

    kor dw charmender,turtwig,squirtle,bulbasaur,piplup,
    spain winter darkrai and flawless one
    german winter darkrai
    swedish winter darkrai
    kor dw mamoswine
    kor dw togekiss
    french dw bannette
    french dw togekiss
    french dw mamoswine
    french dw croagunk
    german dw mammoswine and togekiss and arceus and croagunk
    eurogamer german,french,lucario
    kor sinjoh ruin shiny giratina
    tom heracross
    flawless nok rayquaza and non flawless
    homeplus darkrai modest and timid
    canadian gamestop celebi
    fru2012 zekrom
    netherlands spr2012 zekrom
    french vgc2012 larvitar
    jap event salamence
    karlita hydreigon
    milo island tornados and thunderus
    kor movie victini,zekrom,and reshiram
    kor crown city entei
    korean cinema celebi
    jap strongest event shiny swampert blaziken groudon sceptile
    jap naval rock shiny lugia
    jap birth island shiny german deoxys defense
    nobunaga rayquaza flawless
    shiny extreme speed pikachu
    kor event shiny milotic
    NZ jirachi
    smr2010 jirachi
    enigma stone shiny latios
    spanish dw eeveelutions only missing umbreon
    nok jirachi
    space c deoxys
    dw kor rayquaza (ask about natures)
    us navel rock shiny lugia
    x mas jap dw blissey
    11040 birthday audino all 6
    yod bagon,horsea,deino,swablu
    eind zekrom,reshiram,and victini
    nok deoxys speed
    strongest jap mewtwo
    us feb2012 mewtwo
    ete2011 zoroark
    kor cinema arceus
    gamestop shiny raikou
    us vgc shiny larvitar
    us dw arceus,croagunk,mammoswine and bannette
    shiny flawless sinjoh ruin palkia
    flawless modest nok strongest mewtw0
    You're in GMT-5, so we're in the same timezone. I've got school so I'll be unavailable until 3 or 4 pm but, other than that I don't think I've got anything going on after that, if I do I'll let you know.
    Hi, it's been a few days, so I thought I'd ask when a good trading time would be. I'm available pretty much all the time, so whenever's best for you is fine with me.
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