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  • lol since i cant edit locked threads for reference

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    Darknova (86) Friend Code - 2337-3346-4545 Ethan RECEIVED
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    Do you have or happen to know anyone with a set of the nicknamed Japanese surf pikachu or the heart stamp pikachu?
    Ok. Let me know when you'll be able to trade tomorrow.
    Btw, how you know the guy is from Japan?
    Okay bro, I gotch you. :)

    So let me get this straight, as soon you got the Events, you put it up for trade? :p
    You got connects from Japan? Check you out.
    I'm assuming the Pikachu's were unclone since you made the deal so fast?

    Yeah, I'm going to my friends house to Download them tomorrow, if not Burger King. :p

    Just out of curiosity, why does it have to be that date?
    You should try it.
    You know what you can get. :p

    Right now I've been SR for my Shiny Pokéball Vivillon.
    Once I get it, into the Banner it goes. :p
    Guess I'm going to have to get mines later on.
    Don't have Wifi. :p

    SR them to see if you can get them shiny. :p
    Hooray we can get both of them.

    But TBH, I really want those Pikachu's. I mean there names sound so cool.

    I also have to go to GS to get there Mega Stone. :(
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