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  • Just looking for it for personal use, not sure anyone would breed it with the first two egg moves anyway, just scored a 6IV jolly moxie kalos bred Salamence, no egg moves though, then again what decent egg moves does it even get XP
    Nice, I'm trying to hunt down a shiny relaxed, sassy, bold, calm, or modest rain dish Squirtle with egg moves aqua jet, aqua ring, dragon pulse and or aura sphere, any idea who might have one?
    I accidentally cloned over the growlithe I had that was a deal with Charizard, I traded with someone earlier today for the growlithe and their cloner did the same thing I did with the eevee I sent em, I re cloned it sent it back over tomorrow I'm getting another clone of it back, the other trader, with the Bunnelby was busy today and says they'll have the Bunnelby clone done tomorrow
    Also, you've cloned enough times and noticed that as long as you get that error message even after immediately shutting off the other DS it can still clone right? I've gotten this to work accidentally probably 5 times now
    2 things the Gourgeist is already ev trained in 252 HP, 180 Def and the rest is divided in attack and sp.def I can still ev wipe it but I need to clone it first
    Any of these interest you? All kalos bred and shiny

    Magic Guard
    Missing attack
    Metronome, Stored Power, Aromatherapy, Wish

    Hasty missing defense
    Iron Fist
    Leer, Fake Out, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch

    Hasty 6IV lv58
    Earthquake, Close Combat, Bullet Punch, Blaze Kick

    HP Fire
    Hidden Power, Giga Drain, Growth, Sludge Bomb

    Modest missing attack
    Leer, Flame Burst, Extrasensory, Double Edge

    Jolly Ev's HP and Speed 4 Def
    Spore, Stealth Rock, Sticky Web, Taunt
    Thanks bro.
    If you have any problems let me know. :)

    I'll also do my best to get you those shiniez. :)
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