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Last Activity:
Jan 3, 2017
Jan 1, 2007
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O_O, from Japan

Fiorella was last seen:
Jan 3, 2017
    1. Shinyhunter1990
      Do you still want the shiny feebas or masterball
    2. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      I can trade now. I'm ready.
    3. Lt. BLEU™
      Lt. BLEU™
      Hello. Your Moon ball Gligar is ready. My FC is: 302468103631. Let me know when you want to trade.

      Also, will you let me know my friend Safari and it's type? Thank you.
    4. Yknot
      thanks so much! enjoy the snorlax!
    5. Yknot
      IGN is Justin by the way :)
    6. Yknot
      I just added your new friend code!

      Looks like you are online but battling right now.
    7. Yknot
      Hey I'm cutting you some slack since my rules were not updated when you made a request so please read my updated rules for any future trades, and feel free to make another request as long as you follow the updated rules!

      For now I am compromising and have added your code ahead of time, although I would still prefer it if you let me know a good time to trade so I don't have to wait around to "bump into each other" (I have requested a mutual trade time probably at least three times now!)

      If you do not want to schedule a time I can put your snorlax on the GTS but no guarantees it won't gets sniped!
    8. Yknot
      Hey there. Replied to you in my shop but posting here as well. I'm still honoring our trade even though someone has traded me a HA dream ball miltank already. If you would still like your moonball snorlax please let me know when is a good time for us to trade. I will do my best to meet you then or schedule a time that works for both of us. Thanks!
    9. Yknot
      Hi there. I posted in my trade shop but posting here as a courtesy. As I posted several days ago I cannot add you until we have set a time where we can both meet up to trade since my friends list is full and I need to preserve my friend safari. Once we have a time where we can both meet to trade I will add you when we are about to trade!
    10. Yknot
      Hi there! Just wanted to let you know I would like a female sap sipper Miltank in a dream ball in return for the moonball female snorlax. Just wanted to let you know so you have some time to work on it! Since your order is pretty easy I'm going to finish yours next and hopefully should be done sometime tonight and if not tonight then probably tomorrow!
    11. Corrodus
      Rock slide please! Your in box is full
    12. Musashi~
      Hello.Thanks for accepting the FR!
    13. Chloe Cassandra
      Chloe Cassandra
      All right, I'll get online!
    14. Chloe Cassandra
      Chloe Cassandra
      Your Lapras is ready! Just let me know when you can trade :D
    15. Chloe Cassandra
      Chloe Cassandra
      Your Shinx is ready! Just let me know when you're available to trade. ^_^
    16. DialgaMan
      nature of RQZ ?
    17. OUequalsOP
      I'm interested in one of your milotics or a feebas if one is available. I simply need one with a bold nature, after about 60+ breedings i havent gotten one, all have hypnosis if you'd like one. Just need a female with a bold nature if you have one available :)
    18. evilsocks9
      Hey no problem, I've been away for a couple days, anyway. I will gladly trade my mewtwo for your deoxys. What is your friend code?
    19. evilsocks9
      Still looking for a mewtwo? I'd be willing to part with mine for a deoxys
    20. siburke939
      hey dude you still offering darkrai for mewtwo? i have couple of mewtwo on my diamond & platinum carts (all legit from firered/leafgreen) i can give them pokerus - my items are nothing exciting but i'll stick a berry on it or something
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